things from around the internet vol. 1

The Internet is honestly such a weird and fascinating place and sometimes I find things that (I think) are pretty cool and also I think everyone else should look at the things as well. Hopefully, you find them just as interesting/useful as I do or you know someone else who would!

The Skimm

For when you’re a busy on-the-go millennial who also wants to stay on top of news in case it comes up at the water cooler or, y’know, you just want to be aware of what goes on in the world. The Skimm sends daily emails to your inbox that tells you the news and also relevant context so you have a better understanding of what’s going on. The link above is indeed my referral link – I don’t even think I get anything more than some swag (but I love swag so it’s fine) but I will feel a little less shame when I see the number of referrals in my inbox every morning.

Binging with Babish

I love food and I love film + television, but not nearly as much as this guy. He makes videos about the foods in pop culture and it’s all very high-quality content with a healthy splash of alcohol and sarcasm. It does kind of require you to have knowledge of the show/movie being featured for maximum enjoyment, but if you’re not familiar with the context of the food you can still watch and appreciate the recipe (and sass) component. He’s really blown up over the last few months so he’s posting content pretty frequently (bless). I love him and would pay a lot of money to be his roommate who gets to eat all this food.

My favourite one is the turkey sandwich from Friends, 1) because I have watched this episode probably 20 times in my life, and 2) because he makes a whole goddamn turkey for this sandwich.

Ask a Manager


Do you love hearing about people’s weird bosses/coworkers/other work stories? Or probably a more likely scenario – do you want decent career advice while hearing about weird bosses and coworkers? I recommend you clear a couple hours and start clicking away on this blog. Alison Green answers all your work-related questions on AAM and it’s so easy to lose most of your day because you got sucked into her blog.

I’ve read a lot of crazy stuff on this site but this one is probably the most hilariously ridiculous by far. I’m just giving you this one post to start with – it’s entitled “a coworker stole my spicy food, got sick, and is blaming me”. Right?

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.17.16 PM

I stumbled upon this site this term while I was job hunting (and as of this moment of writing, I’m still job hunting) and it’s actually pretty solid in terms of not-just-pyramid-scheme-postings. (Other career pages that I like include Indeed, Techvibes Job Board, StartupNorth, and LinkedIn of course. TalentEgg is okay but I personally never see anything that I am interested in on there.)

Space Corgi

Flappy Bird but with puppers. That’s all.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.26.29 PM

september update!

Hello all,

I found it really awkward trying to writing this post, partially out of guilt that I’ve been slacking so much on the posting front, and partially because I’m so used to writing emails for work that I actually thought starting this off with ‘hello all,’ was a solid idea. Actually it’s totally solid, I’m keeping it.

Things that have happened in the last month:

  • Not a whole lot, between work and sleeping I found out that I’m a pretty boring person.
  • Actually that’s a giant lie – I was out of the office last week because of Orientation Week 2015 and it was just the most amazing week ever. I remember that O-Week is always awesome but it’s not until you’re in the moment that you realize how amazing it is that the week happens due to the spirit of hundreds of volunteers and the power of pizza and coffee. My fellow leaders are totally my Orientation fam and I still have cheers looping in my head. Some of my first years told me that I inspired them to be leaders for next year and it was just the sweetest thing.
  • So many emails piled up in my inbox while I was gone and it reiterated to me that I’m super Type A and I almost shed a tear when I saw that I had to sort it all out.
  • Speaking of work, it’s going amazingly, everyone is amazingly cool here and I swear I’m getting better at pool and foosball (thanks to the games room). I love love love this role and how much I get to learn about and work on the back end of marketing. And sometimes I get to do fun things, like the TEDx event we’re doing on Friday (aka Friday off!) and Hack the North this weekend (to which I’ll be contributing nothing but a giant cheque with emojis on it, as well as very little hacking knowledge).
  • I’m in the process of commissioning a brick wall tapestry from Elaine because she’s super talented and I want a brick wall in my room one way or another. Will let you all know how that works out!

Thanks for tuning in to this super fun segment of updates in Vicky’s life, please stay hyped for the eventual return of Music Mondays and other things.

Warmest regards (aha, get it – work brain!),