apps, extensions, and tools – oh my!

Hello and welcome to another edition of apps + chrome extensions + nifty sites with Vicky!  I honestly need to sit down and come up with a better name for these things, it’s getting to be kind of a mouthful. I know I normally do these separately but I haven’t been doing anything drastically different lately to warrant two posts.

tl;dr of this post – icon pack + calendar widget // photo editing // new tab page that swears at you // i miss jobmine // infographics

If any of the above even vaguely interest you keep on reading!

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spotlight on: just love pie


The scene above might be in my top 10 Marshall moments from How I Met Your Mother because not only do I love charts, but I also really love pies. I don’t know why I ever bother telling people that I love pies because I’m pretty sure we all love pies so that’s just a given. Right?

I can’t imagine what you don’t love about a delicious baked pastry with fruit and things in the middle that you are encouraged to eat with a side of ice cream.

This whole preamble was to get you excited for the fact that Waterloo has a new pie cafe! Spoiler alert, a pie cafe is deliciously amazing.

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spotlight on: balzac’s coffee (kitchener)

Supposedly there is to be a Waterloo location of Balzac’s soon but that mythical location has not opened yet (to my knowledge) and I am very sad that I still have to go all the way to Kitchener for dope coffee. Honestly, it’s worth the trek, but we really need to be bringing more of these cute coffee shops to Waterloo.

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spotlight on: smile tiger coffee

How much do you love natural light and coffee shops that make you feel like you’re in the living room of your dreams? I’m going to go ahead and assume that you answered like any other human because who wouldn’t love that? You need to get your butt to Smile Tiger.

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spotlight on: kitchener public library

This blog post has been updated to include more details on the resources available at KPL.

Downtown Kitchener – I have very mixed reviews. On one hand, there are some extremely yummy restaurants and cute stores down there. If you drive around the neighbourhoods there are some really nice houses with neat features (I’ve seen a house that actually appears to be subterranean, and other house with the wraparound porch and personal fire escape). I’d say that the crown jewel of DTK would be the library and before anyone starts screaming the Arthur song, please remember that this is a library and patrons shouldn’t be screaming the Arthur song.

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excel-ing at organization [hioml pt. 3]

Straight up, this title is a lie. I used Google Sheets instead of Excel but only because of *the cloud*. Sorry Excel, I still love you though.

Being a political science major means that I have stacks of readings to do. Really, we students all have readings to do I just whine about mine. Sometimes it’s straight forward, like ‘read this 60 page chapter’ and sometimes you take a block course (double the workload but half the run time) and you get thrown 10 readings per week. If you couldn’t tell with the previous installments of the HIOML series, I really like making sure I stay organized during school. So last year I created a readings tracker.

Yeah, you read that right – I track all my readings because I’m not even going to try to hide that I’m a neurotic nerd. Nerd-rotic? Oh, that sounds kind of…inappropriate. Disregard.

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#onrepeat – 9/21/15

So my real problem this month is trying to create a new playlist was largely due to the fact that I haven’t had time to listen to new music. Because I have been obsessed with Welcome to Night Vale – which is a fictional news podcast about the spooky town of Night Vale – and while that isn’t going to make an appearance on this Spotify playlist, I do recommend that you listen to it. That is, if you enjoy low-key creepy fake news podcasts about a town where no one speaks of the dog park – I mean, what dog park?

  1. All Day All Night – Moon Taxi
    • Let’s start with something chill – also I’m drafting this post while at Hack the North so I thought it was super fitting. I can’t listen to this song while sitting around a bonfire with all my friends on a private beach, but I’m sure I can imagine it.
  2. Marvin Gaye – Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor
    • Meghan Trainor appears out of nowhere in this song and I’ve heard mixed reviews about her presence, but I think she nails it.
  3. A Lack of Color – Death Cab for Cutie
    • Oh whoop, now the mix takes a sadder turn, my bad. Except I’m not even sorry because it’s Death Cab and this song’s perfect if you want to serenade a loved one and also make them feel like they’re loved and then they suddenly realize that they’re already dead and they’re really a ghost and you’re just super sad and missing them and playing this song alone in their old room and they’re haunting you. But y’know. In the best way possible.
  4. Sedona – Houndmouth
    • The reason why I even remembered the previous Death Cab song is because I swear that the opening of this song sounds basically the same. That’s totally fine and all but it tripped me out a little bit when I first heard it.
  5. Bad Habit – The Kooks
    • I want a whiskey sour in one hand and ironically taking cute pictures of it while sitting in a hipster bar while I listen to this song because – get it? bad (hipster) habits? But I actually do feel like this is a great song to hear in a low key bar where all you want to do is catch up with your friends and hear about all their lives.
  6. Reality – Lost Frequencies
    • Don’t know when this song came onto my radar but I love love love it. Listen to it during those nights where you stay up really late and contemplate your future and your potential and decide to change it for the better.
  7. Honey, I’m Good – Andy Grammar
    • Rule no.1 of Music Mondays is that you can’t judge me for what I put out on Music Mondays. I mean, you all forgave me for having Drake and Tim McGraw on the same playlist so I think we’re all fine here. I’m still missing Orientation Week and this was the Feds Leader Dance song and I swear there was just nothing but spinning in the dance.

september update!

Hello all,

I found it really awkward trying to writing this post, partially out of guilt that I’ve been slacking so much on the posting front, and partially because I’m so used to writing emails for work that I actually thought starting this off with ‘hello all,’ was a solid idea. Actually it’s totally solid, I’m keeping it.

Things that have happened in the last month:

  • Not a whole lot, between work and sleeping I found out that I’m a pretty boring person.
  • Actually that’s a giant lie – I was out of the office last week because of Orientation Week 2015 and it was just the most amazing week ever. I remember that O-Week is always awesome but it’s not until you’re in the moment that you realize how amazing it is that the week happens due to the spirit of hundreds of volunteers and the power of pizza and coffee. My fellow leaders are totally my Orientation fam and I still have cheers looping in my head. Some of my first years told me that I inspired them to be leaders for next year and it was just the sweetest thing.
  • So many emails piled up in my inbox while I was gone and it reiterated to me that I’m super Type A and I almost shed a tear when I saw that I had to sort it all out.
  • Speaking of work, it’s going amazingly, everyone is amazingly cool here and I swear I’m getting better at pool and foosball (thanks to the games room). I love love love this role and how much I get to learn about and work on the back end of marketing. And sometimes I get to do fun things, like the TEDx event we’re doing on Friday (aka Friday off!) and Hack the North this weekend (to which I’ll be contributing nothing but a giant cheque with emojis on it, as well as very little hacking knowledge).
  • I’m in the process of commissioning a brick wall tapestry from Elaine because she’s super talented and I want a brick wall in my room one way or another. Will let you all know how that works out!

Thanks for tuning in to this super fun segment of updates in Vicky’s life, please stay hyped for the eventual return of Music Mondays and other things.

Warmest regards (aha, get it – work brain!),

july update

It’s been a month and this blog is still alive, which means that it has surpassed the lifespan of:

  • Phil the fish (~ 6 hours)
  • my succulent (~ 3 weeks?)
    • This one is particularly sad because I was told that I basically can’t kill succulents and they don’t even need to be watered that often, but it still died. I am in the process of propagating some of the leaves but….we’ll see.

But yes, life updates in the last month, here we go!

  • I got a co-op placement for the next two terms, which I was very happy about because I’ll be doing marketing at a company in Mississauga (living rent-free at home and convincing my dad to let me drive to work) and it meant that I was done with the whole Jobmine grind! Too much on my plate to deal with continuous round and because it’s an 8 month position, I don’t have to reapply, excellent! Unfortunately it also means that I’ll be throw off-stream from my friends for a year – bye forever friends! Just kidding please continue to love me even though I’m ditching you.
  • I bought the cutest leafy print dress from H&M, which you will see in a haul post coming up soonish. What do you mean this doesn’t count as a life update? It has colour which is a very exciting change in my monochrome wardrobe!
  • My fam and I attempted to teach Mike how to play mahjong which was very amusing to us but probably very confusing to him.
  • I did well on a paper!
  • Guys I’m running out of things to tell you, I don’t do very much…

Love, Vicky!

essential apps for your phone: university edition

My phone is my life. I guess in this day and age (very, very sorry I just used this phrase), this sentiment isn’t surprising but seriously I would be lost without it. Not only because I have this need to take pictures of everything in my life, but because I use it to keep track of everything in my life. At one point, I owned a Windows Phone and while I loved the OS, the lack of apps available for the phone was absolutely killing me. Then I smashed the screen on my friend’s floor (completely by accident, I swear to god) and I had to get a new phone. I’m telling you, getting an Android phone felt the way that the people in Plato’s cave must have felt after leaving the cave and seeing that there was so much more to the world. See, I retained some of my philosophy knowledge!

So here is a list of apps that I use to keep myself on track during school, I’ve included links to the Play Store and Apple Store as available.

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