a month on mealpal

In a previous post about how you can save money on food in Toronto, I had mentioned this service called MealPal but couldn’t give a first-hand account of what using the service is like. Since the start of the new year, our house had been a little slower to get back to our regular routine of weekly meal plans + preps. MealPal finally lured me in with a 40% off code so I decided to give them a shot.

Hot Tip: If you sign up for an account but don’t commit to a plan just yet, MealPal will try to woo you with email discount offers. I received emails starting with $20 off my first month, then $40 off, and then finally 40% off.

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eating in toronto on a budget

Holy moly, Toronto is expensive. Who knew that and didn’t tell me before I moved here? I’m just kidding, I knew it was going to cost me some serious cash to live + work + breathe in this city. Maybe you are like me and have student loans + a deep fondness for oysters, or maybe you just want to save because that’s the reasonable and mature thing to do if you have the means. Toronto is expensive, but here are my tips for when you’re inevitably here and aren’t leaving and want to avoid overdraft fees.

This is part 1 – eating in Toronto on a budget.

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your guide to bunz in toronto

Bunz is a trading platform/app/community that started in Toronto but has since expanded to a number of other major cities in Canada. The Bunz philosophy is focused on building communities by encouraging people to trade instead of buying. Maybe you don’t wear that one coat anymore but it’s still in great condition. One man’s trash, etc. etc. Basically, Bunz made bartering cool again. And it’s not just people’s furniture and clothing available for trade on the platform, there are users who even trade services like photography sessions and home cooked meals. Why trade? It can be a great way to meet other people in your city while also keeping your expenses down. Reusing and trading are also more environmentally friendly than buying new!

I really immersed myself in the Bunz community when I first moved to Toronto back in May. While packing and unpacking during that time, I saw how much clothing had gone unworn in the last year and was realistically never going to be worn. I donated about half the pile and turned to Bunz for the other half.

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what’s in my bag | june 7th 2017

This is the Millennial Working in the Big City™ edition of What’s in My Bag. (Here is the previous edition if you want to take a peek. I also did not realize until just now that it’s been 2 years since my first bag post.)

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hey toronto, i love you so

Growing up in Mississauga means that if you want to do anything fun you need to hoof it to Toronto. That’s right the truth is out – I’m a 905er. Yikes, does anyone even say that still? Am I already old and behind the times? Anyways, over the years I’ve become very well acquainted with transiting into Toronto (student budgets and all) especially after having a co-op term downtown. Lakeshore West is best (screw you Milton line). 

This is really just a photo dump from some of my favourite haunts because I want them to live somewhere other than my phone. Where should I visit next?

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