spring cleaning vol. 2

// food //

Now that your closet is a little leaner (check out my post on cleaning out your closet if you haven’t read it yet!) let’s chat about food! I know that spring tends to be when everyone starts trying out new diets and cutting back. We may all have differing opinions on the necessity of a diet but I think we can all agree we can at least assess the things we’re eating to be a bit more mindful. My personal weakness is processed meats – salami is just too delicious for its own good. But I also like trying out new foods and eating cleaner at least helps balance my overall diet so I feel a bit less bad about the number of Oreos I can consume in one sitting.

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tuna poke

Fun fact about me – I love almost every kind of seafood. Even sea cucumbers and those things are pretty weird. Tuna and salmon are definitely two of my favourite fish to eat, especially raw because I love to live dangerously. Also because I much prefer that texture – baked salmon makes me want to cry. Okay not that drastic, but I don’t love it.

Unfortunately, my seafood addiction is very expensive to sustain so I don’t indulge¬†that often. Alright,¬†that might be a lie. I have no self-control when it comes to feeding myself, which is exactly how I ended up buying myself a $25 tuna steak yesterday because I was craving tuna poke.

I visited Jill in Toronto last weekend and there was a poke bar that we tried out. It was a decent place but kind of warm and didn’t have nearly as much tuna as I would’ve liked (but that’s not saying much as you’re going to find out later in this post – I spoil myself). Coming back to Waterloo I decided I really wanted tuna poke again so I set off to make my own.

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