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Toronto Apartment Tour 2020 – Mike and I are back in the city and this time in a space we get to make all our own!

Part 1: the apartment hunt and how to plan the layout of a new place before you even step foot in it

Part 2: how we furnished our living room through the power of Facebook Marketplace (and IKEA) with added bonus: how to fit a home office setup in a small apartment

Part 3: how we made our small rental kitchen more functional and cute without breaking the bank or drilling a hole

Part 4: how to create a cozy dining space without buying anything new

my ongoing list of crochet and knitting projects – recommended patterns if you also want to fully embrace your inner grandma
should you sheertex? – a review of the internet’s most talked about tights
toronto house tour – where i take you on a photo tour of the house we lived in from 2018 – 2020 and mostly reminisce about life pre-quarantine
doing things in toronto on a budget – (significantly less useful now in covid-times but worth a read while you plan for sunnier days)
misc. art and crafts – comics, perler beads, yarn, it’s all here

black lives matter: – the canadian chapter of #blacklivesmatter
toronto specific roundup of resources – also includes links to organizations to support
justice in june – syllabus-style resource if you want some guided education