confirmation of life + #onrepeat november

Contrary to my radio silence on this blog since the beginning of the month I’m still here! November has been a crazy busy month – it’s been a lot of head down work on group projects and last week was my Model G20 Conference. There’s only 2-ish weeks left in this term and I still have 3 papers and a presentation left – how?!? Also I’ve yet to find a co-op job for next term and I can’t say that the looming uncertainty is helping keep my nerves at bay at all.

But I’m having interviews and there are other exciting things happening in my life so I’m not just moping on my couch all the time. If you do want to mope on your couch, or go for a nice fall walk (not to spring awkward weather talk on y’all but it’s beautiful today!) I’ve put together another #onrepeat playlist that critics have described as ‘eclectic’ and ‘only half-heartedly sorted’. It’s much longer than my playlists usually are because I’ve been building it up for a few weeks now but I hope you enjoy it!

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#onrepeat 10/3/16

I generally like matching my music to the weather but it’s been so up and down in the last couple weeks that my playlists feel even more scattered than they normally do. I also switched from my Spotify Premium account to a Google Play Music account (just another way for Google to own my life) so it’s been a fun experience learning how the two services differ.

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#onrepeat 9/13/16

Someone tell me how we’re almost already halfway through September because I’m pretty sure it literally just started. I feel like this year has gone by so much faster than the last or maybe that’s just how people perceive time. Or maybe I’m sleep-deprived from all the overnight shifts I had for Arts Orientation last week. For a girl who has never actually gone camping (Wayhome barely counted, let’s be real), sleeping outside in a humid tent and next to ants has been no picnic. HA. It wasn’t that bad (except during that one night with the storm) but I wanted to make that joke.

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#onrepeat 8/18/16

1/ ignition (remix) – r. kelly (unapologetic that this song is on this playlist because honestly who doesn’t love it?)
2/ i want you to know – zedd + selena gomez (this song played somewhere in my earshot in the last week and it’s been an earworm since)
3/ lush life – zara larsson (okay I’ve been jamming out to this song all summer – it’s also a very solid song to play when you’re on the rowing machine.)
4/ love today – mika (do you need a new song to listen to in the morning when you need to motivate yourself to get out of bed and do things? probably yes, you do.)
5/ kanye – the chainsmokers (may everyone love themselves as much as kanye loves kanye)
6/ in the aeroplane over the sea – neutral milk hotel (there was a lot of rain last week which meant I was playing all of my top rainy day songs)
7/ brother – needtobreathe (
8/ american kids – kenny chesney (I could not even tell you how I started listening to this song because country isn’t where I usually hang out

#onrepeat – 8/8/16

Even though I rebranded Music Mondays so I would feel less pressure to post on Mondays, I’m still in the habit of posting on Mondays. Let me just say Monday one more time. I don’t think it summons Beetlejuice though (or Garfield, which might be more applicable).

Frank is really toying with our emotions by not dropping his album Frank c’mon PLS. Whatever, I’ll just play channel ORANGE on repeat until you give in. But Arkells released Morning Report (right before my birthday too!) and I’ve had it on repeat for the last few days. I should’ve also released one of these posts before going to Wayhome because you’re going to see some of my faves from the festival on here.

1/ private school – arkells (#1 favourite for sure, but it does not play well on the ukulele)
2/ drake’s dad – arkells (I love when they make references to the good ol’ GTA)
3/ spaceman – the killers (as if anyone had any doubts but they play so so well live)
4/ and then some – arkells (a little more subdued)
5/ colors – halsey (also still unabashedly on my Halsey kick, this one is great for sunsets)
6/ lost – frank ocean (πŸ‘Œ)
7/ closer – the tiny (you can thank welcome to night vale for this one)
8/ barcelona – george ezra (don’t know about you guys but in the all the hype of Budapest last year I completely overlooked this one)

Okay that’s probably enough procrastination from me. I finished my only exam but now I need to go write a take home final and eat the rest of the cake that my parents apparently expected I’d manage to eat on my own. I mean, they’re not super wrong.

#onrepeat – 7/11/16

So as it turns out, the 4 people who actually read my Music Monday posts preferred when I wrote about why I chose the songs each week. But am I going to cater my blogging style for 4 people? Yeah probably – I’m pretty sure that’s like 40% of my subscription base. I’ve actually been pretty good about going to the gym regularly (it helps that I go with a buddy so I feel guilty when I want to stay in bed) so half of this playlist is songs I’m running (read: dying) to.

And not that I’m a secret Spotify shill or anything but I also use their Running feature and it’s pretty solid in terms of song choices and actually matching my pace. 10/10 would recommend.

1/ tokyo summer – mounties (ultimate chill summer song, I think I listened to this a lot last year – maybe too much)
2/ hold me down – halsey (I’ve jumped on this Halsey love-train a little late but she’s so so good! reportedly also fantastic live so I’m excited for her next Toronto show)
3/ summer skin – death cab for cutie (best consumed during those not-as-sticky summer nights. I have a balcony this summer so I can even sit there and brood with the perfect playlist.)
4/ on melancholy hill – gorillaz (Please see the brooding comment above.)
5/ this is what you came for – calvin harris + rihanna (I get the feeling that this song is so catchy because there are only 10 whole different lines to learn. Nonetheless I still wake up humming this goddamn song.)
6/ sex – cheat codes remix (no judgements but this is really good for treadmill running. fun story time – last week my phone fell off the treadmill during this song last week and I stopped moving because I got distracted by it so obviously I fell off the treadmill and onto my ass. the sheer embarrassment then prompted me to run my best time so I guess it was ultimately a win.)
7/ banana pancakes – jack johnson (made the mistake of playing this song right before me + pals went on a mini-hike where we all had it stuck in our heads in the middle of the forest. later that week I gave in and made pancakes, but they weren’t banana sorry.)
8/ please don’t go – joel adams (the humming at the beginning is definitely what hooked me but the rest of the song is amazingly needy if you actually pay attention to the lyrics.)

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#onrepeat – 5/30/16

Okay so I need to start redoing the format of my music posts because I feel like I’m getting bored trying to come up with things to say about my songs choices that aren’t “guys just listen to this music I swear it’s awesome” so you can’t possibly be any more enthralled reading it.

The new format is going to just be me throwing some songs at you with (almost) no commentary and everything is in lowercase so you know it’s legit.

1/ ride – twenty one pilots 
2/ the sound of silence – disturbed (cover of the Simon & Garfunkel song)
3/ make out – julia nunes
4/ first – cold war kids
5/ her morning elegance – oren lavie (ok some commentary here – you should watch the music video for this because it’s really beautiful and cool)
6/ no role modelz – j. cole
7/ native tongue – quinn xcii
8/ real shit – 90 pounds of pete

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#onrepeat – 5/9/16

I’m baaaaaack! Let’s do this without any pomp and circumstance – which is a song that won’t be on this week’s playlist.

  • I’m sorry I disappeared for a few months there.
  • I am certainly not dead.
  • I have lot of drafted blog posts in the works so there will be more of me in the next while!!
  • I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of staying on top of my readings and notes so a lot of this week’s playlist is stuff that I’ve been listening to while writing notes. They may be lacking some words, but hey, some of y’all are in school too – maybe this can be helpful anyways.

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#onrepeat – 12/16/16

I honestly meant for this post to go out yesterday but then I went on an impromptu mini roadtrip to Peterborough and that plan got derailed. I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day / Family Day weekend. At the very least I hope you has a good long weekend.

Speaking of music, I bit the (very expensive) bullet this week and bought my Wayhome ticket. Please dear god of schedules, let me have Fridays off again next term so I can go.

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#onrepeat – 2/1/16

The days are getting longer and I actually leave the office while it’s still light out – it’s a super novel concept but I’m digging it. What this really means is that I’m not a grumpy ball when I get home and I think you probably figured that out just by glancing at this week’s Music Monday playlist. I also did some damage at Zara this weekend, both in store and online, which I feel like is super exciting – for me and my wardrobe at least.

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