spring cleaning vol. 1

Seeing as how spring is right around the corner (ignoring the sudden blizzard in mid-March) I thought it would be fun to do a spring cleaning series! The first area of spring cleaning I’ll be talking about is your closet. Well, my closet. Hopefully, this will help you clean out your closet too!

// closet //

I purge my closet seasonally, partially because my closets are never big enough to hold more than a season’s worth of clothing at a time, and mainly because co-op has me moving every 4 months anyways. (I’m also wondering if I ever really thought through enrolling in a co-op program because I definitely didn’t fathom the sheer amount of moving I’ve had to do over the last 3.5 years.) The moving really helps with keeping clutter down because moving is already a hassle and who wants to move extra things if they don’t have to?

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what’s in my bag |october 11th 2016

I think companies love me because I’m basically their ideal consumer. Some disposable income and limited self-control when it comes to pretty packaging. I’m also still trying to figure out if this is going to be a regular kind of post that needs to be named so “thing talk” is just temporary unless I actually can’t think of anything new. In which case, I put a lot of effort into this naming and you can go ahead and endorse my creativity on LinkedIn.

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apartment tour 2016

Living with strangers seems to be some kind of necessary university experience I’ve subjected myself to 3 times already. Some of those experiences have been awesome and those strangers became my friends (s/o to you 409 suities) but other experiences were less so. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to move into a place with my best friend (and her cat), especially when that place is a 2-bedroom and we don’t even have to put up with other people! And also other people don’t have to put up with us – it’s a great arrangement.

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hey toronto, i love you so

Growing up in Mississauga means that if you want to do anything fun you need to hoof it to Toronto. That’s right the truth is out – I’m a 905er. Yikes, does anyone even say that still? Am I already old and behind the times? Anyways, over the years I’ve become very well acquainted with transiting into Toronto (student budgets and all) especially after having a co-op term downtown. Lakeshore West is best (screw you Milton line). 

This is really just a photo dump from some of my favourite haunts because I want them to live somewhere other than my phone. Where should I visit next?

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all about: summer sixteen

It seems like every season I’m all about something new, and I wanted to share these summer sixteen trends and faves of mine with you!

I’m all about: matte topcoats

Not that I’m completely against glossy nails (because if I’m not wearing white/grey/black my nails are usually gold) but matte has such a nice quality to it. More subdued + feels pretty nifty.

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instagram tools of the trade

I am high key obsessed with taking pictures. Food, my face, food, my outfits, food. You know how it is. When I was in the interim period between giving up the iPhone 6 I had for work and buying a new phone, I relied heavily on borrowing my friends’ phones to take my pictures. Yeah, those were a dark few weeks if you were my pal because not only were you not allowed to eat your food right away, you also had take pictures of my outfit if I was looking cute. Which is always. (That was a joke, I often look like human trash.)

Instagram is such an interesting product to come out of this age of technology. I think it’s fascinating to see how people interact with the tool and how there are even etiquette rules that were developed for this platform. See this half-accurate/half-hysterical Vogue article that goes over the ‘rules’ of Instagram.

I do enjoy the platform a lot though, it fulfils a non-existent childhood dream of mine to curate art galleries. That was also a joke but I do like the ability to control my feed and present an aesthetic that I think is (somewhat) representative of myself. I can probably write a whole other blog post on how we love to present only the best side of ourselves on social media – you will probably get a kick out of all the pictures that never make it to my Instagram. Actually, that sounds hilarious, I’m probably going to start drafting it right after publishing this post – stay tuned for stupid pictures of me looking like a raptor! My ultimate thesis for that post will probably be: I think it’s fine to want to present the nicer side of your life as long as you don’t get wrapped up in that expectation + you don’t pretend otherwise. But I digress. Onto some of the tools that I use for my Instagram.

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fall faves

Man, how much do I love fall? Crunchy leaves, crisp cold air, and the layers on top of layers. Really, I’m just excited to start wearing the entire other 2/3 of my closet again. I feel like I’m pretty basic too – but swap out pumpkin spice lattes for london fogs (which I’ve figured out how to make at work so I’ve been having two a day).

Anyways, I have some things that I’ve already been wearing non-stop that I’m going to boldly proclaim as my fall faves, and I also want to add some key things to my fall wardrobe that I don’t have yet.

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what’s in my bag | june 23rd 2015

I want it known on the record that I do not have a bag problem. It’s totally in check and I only have like 15, and everything is fine. That being said I bought another bag last week (to reward myself for surviving all the papers/presentations/midterms) and it’s just super cute. It also fits all my stuff, and is big enough for my laptop which is actually a struggle I deal with often.

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What’s in my front pocket: Little Burgundy bag, Urban Outfitters cat wallet, earbuds, WatCard, NYX Butter lipstick, keys.

What’s in the bag: Macbook Air, Nexus 7 tablet, bluetooth keyboard, portable charger, pen, lotion, lip balm, mirror.