an ode to toronto ft. a much overdue house tour

House hunting in Toronto feels like going on the world’s shittiest treasure hunt (excuse me – you want how much for how small a space?!?), but this place was actually worth its weight in gold.… Read More an ode to toronto ft. a much overdue house tour

on fear

I love fear. And by that what I mean is that I love the feeling of getting over my fears. I don’t actually like the feeling of being terrified. If I wore any kind of heart rate monitor during my classes, you would be able to see visually when I’m hyping myself up to prepare… Read More on fear

july update

It’s been a month and this blog is still alive, which means that it has surpassed the lifespan of: Phil the fish (~ 6 hours) my succulent (~ 3 weeks?) This one is particularly sad because I was told that I basically can’t kill succulents and they don’t even need to be watered that often, but… Read More july update

june update

I think I might do one of these each month in case anything really interesting happens in my life. Since this is my first one, I guess we’ll play catch up with the most important events that have happened in the last while: I celebrated 4 years together with my boyfriend! We’re cute, you’re going… Read More june update