confirmation of life + #onrepeat november

Contrary to my radio silence on this blog since the beginning of the month I’m still here! November has been a crazy busy month – it’s been a lot of head down work on group projects and last week was my Model G20 Conference. There’s only 2-ish weeks left in this term and I still have 3 papers and a presentation left – how?!? Also I’ve yet to find a co-op job for next term and I can’t say that the looming uncertainty is helping keep my nerves at bay at all.

But I’m having interviews and there are other exciting things happening in my life so I’m not just moping on my couch all the time. If you do want to mope on your couch, or go for a nice fall walk (not to spring awkward weather talk on y’all but it’s beautiful today!) I’ve put together another #onrepeat playlist that critics have described as ‘eclectic’ and ‘only half-heartedly sorted’. It’s much longer than my playlists usually are because I’ve been building it up for a few weeks now but I hope you enjoy it!

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on fear

I love fear. And by that what I mean is that I love the feeling of getting over my fears. I don’t actually like the feeling of being terrified. If I wore any kind of heart rate monitor during my classes, you would be able to see visually when I’m hyping myself up to prepare to contribute to the class, and then the actual contribution – because that’s when you see my heart rate go off the charts. I hate it, but I’m also fairly sure that I’m less anxious about it now than I was 3 years ago when I first started university. And I don’t know what kind of a sadistic person came up with this concept, but there’s a particular brand of terror that comes with knowing that 15% of your mark hinges on the fact that you have to muster up the courage to talk in almost every class, all the while knowing that everyone else is fighting for the chance to speak as well. But I digress.

I think it’s healthy to be afraid of things, even if they’re things that you really want to do. Actually – especially if they’re things you really want to do. If you’re not scared then maybe you’re not pushing yourself far enough.

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the intuit office tour

So it’s been about a month and I realized that I haven’t showed you all my office which is pretty cute, hence this very picture heavy post.

The entrance is all airy and windows and wood panelling. You can’t see her, but Erica the receptionist is ducking down behind the computers and she’s super lovely. But wait hold on, this isn’t the first thing you see when you walk into the office, no.

This freaking huge Canadiana-pimped-out moose is and I’ve grown accustomed to him. Somewhere in the near future I will be taking glorious selfies with Reginald. I don’t know I call him Reginald – doesn’t he look like a Reginald to you?

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september update!

Hello all,

I found it really awkward trying to writing this post, partially out of guilt that I’ve been slacking so much on the posting front, and partially because I’m so used to writing emails for work that I actually thought starting this off with ‘hello all,’ was a solid idea. Actually it’s totally solid, I’m keeping it.

Things that have happened in the last month:

  • Not a whole lot, between work and sleeping I found out that I’m a pretty boring person.
  • Actually that’s a giant lie – I was out of the office last week because of Orientation Week 2015 and it was just the most amazing week ever. I remember that O-Week is always awesome but it’s not until you’re in the moment that you realize how amazing it is that the week happens due to the spirit of hundreds of volunteers and the power of pizza and coffee. My fellow leaders are totally my Orientation fam and I still have cheers looping in my head. Some of my first years told me that I inspired them to be leaders for next year and it was just the sweetest thing.
  • So many emails piled up in my inbox while I was gone and it reiterated to me that I’m super Type A and I almost shed a tear when I saw that I had to sort it all out.
  • Speaking of work, it’s going amazingly, everyone is amazingly cool here and I swear I’m getting better at pool and foosball (thanks to the games room). I love love love this role and how much I get to learn about and work on the back end of marketing. And sometimes I get to do fun things, like the TEDx event we’re doing on Friday (aka Friday off!) and Hack the North this weekend (to which I’ll be contributing nothing but a giant cheque with emojis on it, as well as very little hacking knowledge).
  • I’m in the process of commissioning a brick wall tapestry from Elaine because she’s super talented and I want a brick wall in my room one way or another. Will let you all know how that works out!

Thanks for tuning in to this super fun segment of updates in Vicky’s life, please stay hyped for the eventual return of Music Mondays and other things.

Warmest regards (aha, get it – work brain!),

(very super late) august update

I’ve been AWOL lately and I’m so sorry! I blame exams, then moving, then starting my new job. Thought I’d give you guys just a quick update of the things that have been going on in my life in the last very hectic month or so.

  • Finished all my exams (all 3 of them phew)! I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but I also had to do them all within 4 days which was brutal on my mind and also on my hand. Sometimes I miss MC exams and then I remember how awful they were too.
  • Finishing my exams also meant finishing my second year, which was exciting because I feel like reaching the midpoint of university gets me over the hump. Also because the transition from second to third year feels more impressive than the transition from first to second.
  • In between studying and crying over the longest exam ever, I turned 20. I actually turned 20 on the day of the worst exam ever but I’m over it. Beat teenage pregnancy, yada yada yada.
  • Spent my week off packing up my room and then moving back to Oakville. I’m super exciting please stay tuned for my adventures in Oakville.
  • To kick that off I finished painting my bedroom white, which to me is exciting. Mainly because when we moved into this new house my parents (for god knows what reason) let me paint my room a dark blue/grey colour. Actually I don’t even think I was the person who painted it. I’m pretty sure I Tom Sawyered it off on my parents. Anyways, I didn’t feel like it fit my aesthetic anymore, also my room was really dark and it made me sad so a change in wall colour was necessary.
  • My dad took me belated birthday clothes shopping because I wanted more business casual stuff (as if I needed more) and it turns out my office is pretty casual. Damn it. It’s fine I’ll just be the super dressed up co-op in the corner over here.
  • I started my new job two days ago, and I’m very very hyped for it. Daunting, but the office is great and the people seem really amazing so this is shaping up to be an exciting 8 months.
  • I went all the way to Burlington and got IKEA hotdogs, which I feel is super important in my life and you all need to know about it.

I will bring back my Music Mondays and hopefully some other kinds of blog posts because my house is finally getting WiFi put in :’) Which I guess is the only real update.



july update

It’s been a month and this blog is still alive, which means that it has surpassed the lifespan of:

  • Phil the fish (~ 6 hours)
  • my succulent (~ 3 weeks?)
    • This one is particularly sad because I was told that I basically can’t kill succulents and they don’t even need to be watered that often, but it still died. I am in the process of propagating some of the leaves but….we’ll see.

But yes, life updates in the last month, here we go!

  • I got a co-op placement for the next two terms, which I was very happy about because I’ll be doing marketing at a company in Mississauga (living rent-free at home and convincing my dad to let me drive to work) and it meant that I was done with the whole Jobmine grind! Too much on my plate to deal with continuous round and because it’s an 8 month position, I don’t have to reapply, excellent! Unfortunately it also means that I’ll be throw off-stream from my friends for a year – bye forever friends! Just kidding please continue to love me even though I’m ditching you.
  • I bought the cutest leafy print dress from H&M, which you will see in a haul post coming up soonish. What do you mean this doesn’t count as a life update? It has colour which is a very exciting change in my monochrome wardrobe!
  • My fam and I attempted to teach Mike how to play mahjong which was very amusing to us but probably very confusing to him.
  • I did well on a paper!
  • Guys I’m running out of things to tell you, I don’t do very much…

Love, Vicky!

june update

I think I might do one of these each month in case anything really interesting happens in my life. Since this is my first one, I guess we’ll play catch up with the most important events that have happened in the last while:

  • I celebrated 4 years together with my boyfriend! We’re cute, you’re going to think we’re gross.
  • I finished my first co-op term at an Ontario Ministry! It was a lot of fun, I really loved my team and I loved being in the city. If you want to creep through my Instagram, you’ll see a lot of pictures of food because that’s really all I do.
  • I’m back on campus this term and, boy, do I have high expectations for myself:
    • 6 courses
    • finding my next co-op position
    • undergraduate research assistant position with one of my favourite profs
  • I cooked my first casserole. According to my friend Jill, this act does not get me 50 adult points like I thought it would, but she’s not the adult points commissioner, so I get 50 adult points.
  • Completed my first interview of the term today! Side note, if your interviewer is under 30, don’t ask them if they know what Reddit is. They will, and they will not be amused that you asked.

I actually think that’s all that’s happened in my life. It’s not that exciting – oh wait no! I got new pillowcases!

new beginnings

How many New Years resolutions have you actually kept? If you’re anything like me, that number is drastically low. If not, then please, teach me your ways.

I’ve started many iterations of this blog over the years and none of them have stuck. Mostly due to me not putting in the effort – or okay, let’s be honest here Vicky, they’ve all failed due to my lack of motivation. But I like new beginnings and fresh starts. I like cracking open a brand new notebook each school term and smelling the pages. It’s not that weird, I swear.

I think one of the things that stymies me is the concept of starting on a specific day. Creating resolutions on January 1st, starting that diet on the first of the month. I think it gives me too much opportunity to miss that oh-so-important first day and then say to myself ‘okay, we’ll just start next month’. You’ll notice it’s already June 3rd. I went through this exact thought process when I decided to restart this blog. ‘Oh, I’ll start it right when I get back to school. Oh no, it’s already a week into May, shucks.’

My goal is to stop putting things off like this and to just jump into things. I hope you like what I have planned for this blog, and I’ll see you on the first of next month!

I’m kidding. I’ll see you tomorrow!