spring cleaning vol. 1

Seeing as how spring is right around the corner (ignoring the sudden blizzard in mid-March) I thought it would be fun to do a spring cleaning series! The first area of spring cleaning I’ll be talking about is your closet. Well, my closet. Hopefully, this will help you clean out your closet too!

// closet //

I purge my closet seasonally, partially because my closets are never big enough to hold more than a season’s worth of clothing at a time, and mainly because co-op has me moving every 4 months anyways. (I’m also wondering if I ever really thought through enrolling in a co-op program because I definitely didn’t fathom the sheer amount of moving I’ve had to do over the last 3.5 years.) The moving really helps with keeping clutter down because moving is already a hassle and who wants to move extra things if they don’t have to?

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Here are some of my tips/steps to how I usually go about clearing my closet:

1 / Find the time. Make sure you have at least 2.5 hours to dedicate to this task. You’re going to be going through all your stuff and also you have to put it all back. Find something on Netflix to help you power through.

2 / Find the space. Start with a clean room or at least clear your floor space because you’re about to just tear everything apart and you need to be able to manoeuvre the madness.  I make sure I’ve made my bed and swept the floor because my next step gets insane.

3 / Dump all your clothes into piles. No, seriously. Start with one large pile and then categorize. I like to split it by tops/bottoms/dresses, then go through each sub-pile separately and deciding if it’s a keep, storage, maybe, or no.

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  • Keep – love it, for sure will be wearing it, you can’t make me get rid of this.
  • Storage – love it but also it’s the wrong weather outside OR sentimental value but you never wear it.
  • Maybe – there’s something off about it that makes you hesitant about keeping it in your closet, maybe there’s a stain that you haven’t had time to remove, or the fit is just a little bit off.
  • No – these are the pieces that you will never wear again (probably because you bought it during your weird yellow blouses phase in high school). Dump them.

4 / Develop a look guide. While you start going through your maybe-keep pile, pick out 7 pieces of clothing that you love the most. Try to have a mix of shirts/pants/sweaters/accessories/whatever. Use these as your guideline for style + palette. If you look at mine, I stick to a very basic palette of black + white + camel, with structured and flowy pieces mixed together. I know that I gravitate towards these things and as I go through my clothes to decide what I’m keeping I always try to envision how these clothes would go with my core pieces.

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5 / Consider the utility of your duplicates. I had accumulated multiple black tops over the years and to an outsider (read: my mom), they may all seem like they’re basically the same thing. You know your clothes better than anyone else, which is how I can look at all my black tops and know which ones tuck well into pants and which ones I wear for a flowy-er aesthetic.

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6 / Just because it was on sale doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Now I’m not saying you need to Marie Kondo all your socks but tastes change and a pretty common effect of our consumeristic society is that you probably picked up some cheap top because even though you didn’t love it, it was only $5 so what the heck. I found myself keeping so much crap in my closet that I barely wear because I’m like “eh, I bought it on sale it’s fine.”

7 / Make sure you can still create at least 2 good outfits with it. We don’t need to go into more detail than that.

8 / Give your maybe pile a chance for redemption.

  • Does it have a rip/button missing/stain? Really consider whether or not you can fix the clothing and if it’s worth the cost. If not, then it gets tossed.
  • Have you not worn it in a while? Put in the effort to wear it in the near future and if it still didn’t work you can feel better about ditching it.

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Hopefully, by now you’ve taken out all the things that you no longer wear and can feel a bit more unburdened. Except, you still need to get it out of your house. The easiest thing would be to bag it all up (after washing it of course) and taking it to a thrift store. If you want to try and recuperate some money from this endeavour you can try and sell it online (Facebook, eBay, apps like Carousell) or take it to a consignment store. My personal favourite is Plato’s Closet because they buy the brands that students tend to own.

I feel like selling online/through buy-and-sell pages would get you the most profit but it’s also the most time-consuming. I found that because it took so long for me to get rid of the clothes that I would get frustrated at how it would still be in my house. Another recommended option would be to see if your friends want to take the clothes off your hands. I have a stack of button-down shirts that are perfect for the office except I no longer wear that style shirt. I would much rather that I save a friend some money rather than just donating it.

Okay and finally, here are some tips for making your life easier between seasonal overhauls:

  1. If you recognize a gap in your closet, note it down so you can actively keep an eye out for things that can fill it to your standards. I tend to buy crappier alternatives until I find the holy grail of whatever I was looking for. I finally got my hands on a pair of amazingly comfortable dark-wash jeans from 7FAM which made 2 pairs of F21 jeans obsolete.
  2. Set aside clothes that have stains/can be fixed in a specific pile so you know that you want to do something with them and so you’ll actually get around to putting the button back on that top you like.
  3. Make your volunteer/club shirts into a blanket so you can get some use out of shirts that – let’s be honest, you never wear out of the house anyways.

This has been such a long post but I hope some of these tips help! What are some of your tips for spring cleaning?



intern fashion – winter 2017

(The alternative titles to this post were “co-op clothing” and “sartorial struggle” because I will forever love alliteration.)

Having gone through 3 co-op terms and a summer office job, I feel like my wardrobe has seen many iterations of my business-casual clothes. I’m really enjoying what I’ve been able to wear this term especially since my commute is super easy (read: no real need for clunky winter boots) and I’ve finally settled into a comfortable colour scheme + personal style.

If you glance at this summary grid of my favourite work outfits of this term you can pick up on the fact that I don’t wear colour and that I’m a huge fan of sweaters and asymmetrical hems.

summary of most of my outfits – can you tell that colour isn’t my jam?

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all about: summer sixteen

It seems like every season I’m all about something new, and I wanted to share these summer sixteen trends and faves of mine with you!

I’m all about: matte topcoats

Not that I’m completely against glossy nails (because if I’m not wearing white/grey/black my nails are usually gold) but matte has such a nice quality to it. More subdued + feels pretty nifty.

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(eye) can see clearly now

I swear to God, the majority of my time writing blog posts is just me sitting in front of my computer wondering what are the lamest titles I can give them.

Note: there is no way my blog is getting enough traction for EBD to want to pay me to blog about them, I just really really love this site.

When your vision is as bad as mine you have no choice but to either wear glasses or contacts. I gave contacts a shot two years ago and struggled for a solid 4 hours to put them in and take them out. I know it’s because I’m not used to putting little pieces of plastic (??) directly onto my eyeballs, but the real reason I never gave them a second chance is because I didn’t like how my face looked without glasses. I know – what a strange thought to have, right?

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how to dress like vicky – fall/winter 2015

Not that many people would want to, but I decided that I needed to create a how-to guide for my standard outfits for the fall/winter! Helpful pre-guide steps: be Asian, be 5’2″, stay indoors often.

1. Clean your room before doing this shoot. It’s not that messy…but it is.

DSC_8672 DSC_8674 DSC_8678

2 a. Curl hair. Spend about half an hour doing this. Also look mildly concerned because you weren’t sure you had the multitasking skills to press the shutter and not burn your face at the same time.

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fall faves

Man, how much do I love fall? Crunchy leaves, crisp cold air, and the layers on top of layers. Really, I’m just excited to start wearing the entire other 2/3 of my closet again. I feel like I’m pretty basic too – but swap out pumpkin spice lattes for london fogs (which I’ve figured out how to make at work so I’ve been having two a day).

Anyways, I have some things that I’ve already been wearing non-stop that I’m going to boldly proclaim as my fall faves, and I also want to add some key things to my fall wardrobe that I don’t have yet.

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what’s in my bag | june 23rd 2015

I want it known on the record that I do not have a bag problem. It’s totally in check and I only have like 15, and everything is fine. That being said I bought another bag last week (to reward myself for surviving all the papers/presentations/midterms) and it’s just super cute. It also fits all my stuff, and is big enough for my laptop which is actually a struggle I deal with often.

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What’s in my front pocket: Little Burgundy bag, Urban Outfitters cat wallet, earbuds, WatCard, NYX Butter lipstick, keys.

What’s in the bag: Macbook Air, Nexus 7 tablet, bluetooth keyboard, portable charger, pen, lotion, lip balm, mirror.

closet goals

If you know me, you would also know I have a slight shopping problem. I help my wallet out by doing most of this shopping at thrift stores or sales, but it was still getting to the point where I didn’t recognize half my closet. On top of the money issue, I just wasn’t loving all the things that I’ve bought. I’d buy a skirt because it was only $5 then never wear it again. It didn’t matter how cheap the skirt was because I never got any use out of it. So, a couple months back I decided to sit down and take a look at the clothes that I already owned and figure out what my personal style is.

closet goals

I threw together a collage of pictures from my Pinterest board of the direction I want my closet to move towards. Some of the words I scrawled down when I was contemplating this change included: minimal, chic, simple, refined.

I think you can tell right off the bat that I’m taking a step back from colours and staying monochromatic. About 70% of my closet right now is already blacks/whites/greys so this is an easy enough move. It makes it so much easier to get dressed because everything goes together. I’m not rejecting colours entirely, but I’m definitely walking away from crazy prints and opting for black and white patterns instead.

I’m also trying to find pieces that are just slightly different enough from the standard that makes it unique. I love the sheer panelling on that black skirt and I’d love a plain white t-shirt that has a similar panel on the sleeves.

I also cracked down on how I shopped:

  • Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean I need it.
  • If I can’t think of at least two outfits to wear it as a part of, I can’t buy it.
  • If there’s anything I don’t 100% love about the fit or the material I put it back.

My ultimate goal is to figure out exactly what my personal style is and to pare down my closet so I’m not over-shopping and over-spending.