About Me

I thought about making this page pretty vague but I know that when I look at these pages on other people’s blogs I’m just very nosy about their lives so I’ll give you some additional details.

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I’m Vicky, 21, and I’m finishing off my third year at the University of Waterloo. I’m majoring in Political Science and dropping my minor in Speech Communications. For someone who has never owned a pet, I really really really love dogs. I very recently killed a fish so that’s no longer an option for a pet, but I bought myself a cute little succulent which hasn’t died yet, so things are looking up! Update on this succulent – I killed it and I’m not allowed to own living things anymore.

I spend my hours outside of school doing things like:

  • drinking beer and wine (rose or white, thanks)
  • knitting scarves
  • ogling the latest tech
  • redoing the theme on my phone
  • insisting that my closet needs more black and white
  • marathoning through shows
  • finding more content for my blog
  • trying to convince myself that I have the willpower to go to the gym

I love really awful puns, sarcasm, and places that offer to let me eat all the seafood I can get my hands on.

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