vick’s crochet and knitting projects

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that something that I have gotten back into since quarantine started in March is crocheting. Over the last couple of years I have amassed a ridiculous amount of yarn with my tapestry weaving phase and now need to do something with it all. I also needed a distraction from the crushing anxieties of every day living in 2020!

I know that it can be overwhelming to find patterns and figure out which ones you actually want to buy, so here’s my ongoing list of patterns and projects if you also want to make the things I’m making:

Nina top pattern from handmadehannalouise | CROCHET | $10.96 CAD | Took a lot more time than I thought it would, the bottom ruffles are deceptively slow, but the stitches themselves are not technically challenging.

Carolina wrap top pattern from MutoCrochetDesigns | CROCHET | $6.53 CAD | Took less time than the Nina and was very easy to make once you get into the rhythm of the pattern. You can technically wear it two ways which is fun and versatile!

Houndstooth squares | CROCHET | FREE | So obsessed with this pattern on clothing and I really wanted to make a large format wall hanging for our apartment. I had leftover yarn from a scarf project and the goal was actually to use up all of it so it could stop taking up space in my yarn bag! I learned how to seamlessly switch yarn colours from this pattern and they even have an accompanying video if you learn better that way.

Iced pie squares | CROCHET | FREE | I loved the shape of these squares and saw them a lot over the summer as tiles on various influencer kitchen renos. I made the squares into a bolster pillow case! (You can see the pillow in the photo above.)

Copenhagen building blocks | KNIT | $12 CAD | This one is my latest project that I have started. It’s honestly a steal because the pattern maker provides 6 different building patterns as well as optional fixtures that you can use to customize each building even further.

Vicky’s vest | KNIT | $9.18 CAD | This one is such a fun and speedy project with limitless colour combinations! I have promised a friend that I will make her a vest so I’m sure at some point I will have to make good on that. The pattern is also one size but pretty adjustable — when I made this first one I decided to make two of the back pieces so it became a high-necked vest instead of a v-neck and it turned out pretty nicely.

Daisy and Peace Cardigan No. 15 | CROCHET | $6.46 CAD | This one is an excellent beginner crochet pattern because 90% of it is one stitch repeated and there aren’t a large number of increases/decreases to keep track of. I feel like this also worked up quite quickly, it took me about 2 weeks to complete. I still need to get buttons for this one but once I do I’ll be taking photos with a before and after because the yarn for this cardigan actually came from a thrifted sweater that I frogged and remade!

Mori Vest by Mong’s Crochet | CROCHET | $11.78 CAD | This was a quick top to make and I loved the open back design. I accidentally made it too wide for my own use so I sold it to Common Sort and I hope someone else is out there enjoying it. Photo below is not mine – I only took like one video of my finished product — it was not well documented!

Classic v-neck vest from WellLovedKnits | KNIT | $9.07 CAD | I got about 25% through this project as a stashbuster and then got sidetracked so I haven’t completed my vest just yet but it seems quite straightforward and is a good pattern to practice your colourblocking intarsia technique.

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