should you sheertex?

Instagram knew I wanted Sheertex before I even knew what Sheertex was. One day I was going about my life, and then for the next few months I was seeing sponsored ads on the daily for these Internet-famous tights. (Sheertex paid social manager — you should probably revisit your frequency caps on social. Or don’t?? I guess I did end up buying them. But it was getting a touch annoying towards the end.)

What is Sheertex? What are these tights even and how do they differ from regular tights? They bill themselves as “The World’s Toughest Pantyhose” and their claim to fame is that these tights are supposedly unbreakable.

If you’ve purchased and worn tights before (and presumably you have if you’re reading this post), then I’m sure you’re familiar with the fact that tights are notorious for snagging and ripping seemingly with every wear. I’m gun-shy about buying tights that are more than $10 because in my head tights are a one-time use product and any uses beyond one is a bonus, not a given.

So how did I get from “$15 for a pair of sheers? I’m not made of money???” to “Sure I’ll spend $100 USD for two pairs of pantyhose!”? A healthy combination of ad exposure, a recommendation from a coworker who loves hers, and a Black Friday sale.

I break this review into the following sections:


I bought the Classic Sheers in black and light in the short + small size. This is the first thing I liked about Sheertex – that they provided a bit more flexibility in the sizing based on both height and weight.


The Classic Sheers are normally $59 USD each and during Black Friday went down to $44.25 USD each. After tax, we’re sitting pretty at a flat $100 USD. The conversion rate to CAD hurt me terribly, with extra salt in the wounds to discover that two days after I made my purchase Sheertex announced CAD pricing. Whatever. (I’m not over this, clearly.)

Today the Classic Sheers will run you $79 CAD a pair. They also just launched a more affordable pair called the Sidekick Sheers which are $47 CAD a pair. They seem like a good introduction to the brand but please keep in mind that they are not what I purchased for this review.


My order shipped free and I truthfully can’t remember if that was the norm or if it was a Black Friday special. Today you need to hit a $130 CAD minimum before the shipping is free (so, 2 pairs of tights at least). They took about a week to ship from Montreal to Toronto. There was a tiny hiccup for a few days when the tracking number never updated with the correct information but it resolved itself when my order appeared only a few days after the estimated delivery date.


Hah, get it? Receiving? Because shipping and re- okay it’s fine we can move on.

The tights came in their own cylindrical tube packaging and I also got some cute stickers and a sample of the tights material to test/cut. The washing instructions were printed on the cardboard loop that held the tights which I thought was neat.


I guess it’s not really about the colour of the black tights but when I first put them on I noticed that the lines that make up the knit were very obvious in certain places. This mostly went away after I started moving around in them throughout the day so I think that the fabric just needs some time to settle after you put them on. I noticed that the weird lines were especially noticeable in areas where I was holding the tights to pull them on.

Other than the line thing, the black tights were about what you’d expect, but the light pair was … interesting. By that I mean it was not the colour of my skin. In the picture above you can see what it looks like compared to my actual skin colour (both my legs and my arm). The Sheertex were kind of more pink and Barbie-doll like which would be great if I ever want to cosplay Barbie. Once I put them on fully and put on a dress the colour discrepancy is much less noticeable.

I wish there were more variations on the skin tones because the next colour option was a medium and it definitely wouldn’t have looked right on me.


First thing to note is that the tights will look extremely short compared to your leg when you first unroll them. The material is of medium-thickness so I guess this was to be expected. The second picture is a week after I got them and put them through the washer. Yes, they look like weird little shrunken alien leg skins.

Overall the tights fit well, once I got past the initial concern about the length. The waistband is much more like the top of some yoga pants than the squeezing fit that you might be expecting from pantyhose. Which was great, but only at first. I wore the tights with dresses a few times around town for errands (and kept forgetting to take photos like an idiot) and also to the company holiday party and my conclusion in the middle of the day was that the yoga-top of my Sheertex was just not doing it for me.

I wasn’t concerned about the horrific pantyhose lines on my stomach because I knew they wouldn’t leave them, but I did spend a lot of time feeling a bit like someone had pulled my tights down a bit. And also a lot of time wondering if anyone could tell. There just wasn’t enough hold at the top and the tights tried to shrink back to their original state but my legs were still in them.

Okay this is a pretty dramatic way of saying that they were not 100% comfy when I wore them for hours on end because I had to keep going to the bathroom to hike them back up. For shorter wears it wasn’t that big of a problem.


If you’ve seen the Sheertex ads then you know there’s a lot of tug-of-war and kettlebells being dropped into the tights to illustrate their magical/scientific strength that other tights can’t compete with. Other reviews of Sheertex that came up on the front page of Google talked a lot about how they needed to hack at the tights with kitchen scissors in order to make a hole. While visually interesting, these are not the use cases I am interested in when it comes to tights. What about coat zippers, broken fingernails, and sharp little cat claws as they escape your desperate cuddles?? That’s the life I live.

There’s a wood bench in our office kitchen that should really come with a sign that says “Beware all tights that touch this surface, and also fuck you if you think jeans are safe from our wrath.” I won’t get into it but the story ends with me having to hobble to the bathroom at work to pluck out a huge splinter from my ass. Okay, well that was pretty much the story.

So obviously the first test I did was to aggressively rub the sample fabric on a raw wood stump.

The fabric definitely was damaged by this, it kind of pilled and one thread even pulled out. Interestingly, when I pulled at the fabric to try and “fix” it, it worked? Most of the pilling smoothed out with the pulling and while it was definitely visible where the thread had been pulled, unlike other pantyhose it didn’t complete unravel or shred apart in my hands. The way Sheertex has managed to knit these tights results in runs not going very far and not spreading. I was pretty impressed by this and felt pretty confident in being around a jumpy small dog during the holidays and not worrying about damaging my tights.


What I liked about Sheertex/Classic Sheers:

  • good sizing options
  • fast shipping and neat unboxing
  • ability to “heal” wounds in the fabric (not wounds on your flesh just to be clear)
  • survived small dog repeatedly jumping on me as soon as I entered the door

What I didn’t like:

  • the visible knit lines when I first put on the black tights
  • the waist not staying where I wanted it to through extended wear
  • lack of more specific colour options if you want to match your skin tone

Should you get them? For the price of their newest Sidekicks ($47 CAD/pair) I would say yeah give them a shot. If you aren’t going through a bunch of pantyhose in your regular life I suspect that you’ll balk at the price of the Classic Sheers and I personally don’t think that they were worth what I paid.

My advice? Do a cost-benefit analysis. In the last year how much do you think you spent on regular sheer pantyhose that ripped? Is it more than the price of the Sheertex you want? Then it may very well be worth it!

I would like to try the Shaping Sheers before I make a blanket statement on all things Sheertex. There’s lots I like about the brand! It’s a Canadian company! They’re trying to solve the problem of dumb stupid waste-of-money tights! But I personally want more of a control top in my tights, if only to prevent the dreaded crotch-drop problem so I would not get the Classic Sheers again.

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