best photo locations on campus – self-timer edition

So you’re on campus and you look cute but you have no friends willing to take your fit pic. If this is not a story you are familiar with, then you are very lucky. Or you don’t really care about taking outfit pictures so this post might not be for you.

If you do have pals on campus who love (tolerate) #OOTDs, you can obviously still partake in photography in these locations but you already have the benefit of another human who can hold the camera. The campus is your oyster in that case.

However, if you are like me and you either feel bad about making your friends take the outfit picture or they don’t happen to be around, here are some places you can go to!

They’re typically more secluded so you don’t even have to deal with deleting a whole bunch of outtakes where someone walks in front of the camera. Obviously, I am sharing my personal campus secrets with you which comes with the expectation that you are not allowed to judge me if you happen upon me taking outfit pictures in these locations.

self timer map.png

(This list is extremely non-exhaustive as I clearly only spend time on the south side of campus so I’ll likely be adding entries to it as I find new spots.)

1 – SAF. The main floor stairwells are rarely used while class is in session. It’s a busier background that also tends towards yellowish lighting but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed in post-production. Push bars on the doors make for a great phone ledge.


2 – Hagey Hall. Specifically, the little hall on the right of the main glass doors that say ARTS. Less people come in through these doors but there definitely are people who leave through this section. Like many of my profs who I then have to make awkward small talk with. There’s a radiator across the short hall that you can put your phone on and the background is a lovely neutral white brick wall. There’s a decent amount of natural light in this area but it does have a light-moderate traffic flow.



3 – Between EV2 and PAS. There’s a walkway that connects the two buildings but also it means there’s great photo location underneath. This is a rare outdoor space that has enough space between a ledge and the wall so that you can get full body shots. There is a door opposite that wall with a handle so you can prop up your phone there. I recommend only doing this if your phone has a grippy case or if you’re super ballsy.


4. PAS. The stairwell closest to the Environment buildings has a little alcove that faces the doors so it gets natural light. The doors here also have the push bar that you can prop your phone up on.


5 – Dana Porter. At the top of the library, something magical happens – natural light. It’s a skylight at the top of the building so the lighting in the stairwell is usually amazing. You can pop your phone on the steps and very few people are hanging out up there because who the heck is walking up to the 10th floor? Lunatics.


And there we have all of my campus secrets, at least the ones pertaining to my outfit pics. Remember – if you decide to check these out and I’m there, please offer to take the picture. If you have any of your own dope spots, let me know!

Happy self-timering!

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