things that you probably don’t need but also definitely need

This post will look like it was on its way to the BuzzFeed headquarters but got distracted by my a e s t h e t i c s and ended up on my blog instead. Now that it’s officially December, I’ve rounded up a few cool gift ideas that hopefully your friends and family have yet to receive so you can still claim originality! And if I’m being super honest, I want everything on this list so if any of you are wondering what to get me for Christmas…well. The real challenge is buying it for me before I crack and just buy the things for myself.


1 // Flask w/ pop-out shot glass – I don’t know how much I really have to sell you guys on this because you already know that you need it in your lives.

2 // Fabric defuzzer – Do your sweaters and bedsheets start developing pills after you wear it for a while? (If you have some magical soft + warm fabric that resists pills please tell me where you got it because I need that in my life!!) Probably yes, right? This gadget gets rid of the pills so you can have your things look newer and feel softer! I used Jill’s on my cotton fitted sheet and my bed is 20 times more cozy again.

3 // Cactus coaster set – If you’ve seen my post about our apartment decor or the DIY tutorial, then you already know about my love for coasters. I also love plants (as long as I’m not the one in charge of keeping them alive) and functional decoration. Obviously, this cactus set is the cutest way to display your coasters.


4 // Bluetooth keychain tag + camera remote (or this one which seems to have a better rating here) – I’m not usually someone who forgets her keys or wallet (because I wouldn’t even make it to campus without my wallet) but it can’t hurt to throw on one of these, especially if I can also use it to be a remote for my phone camera. Note: in the time between me writing this draft yesterday and going to class today I almost forgot my keys so it might be more necessary for me to purchase this.

5 // Set of pens that look like grass – Not gonna lie, this is currently in my Amazon cart even though I already have dozens of pens that I barely use. I’m telling myself that because these pens are cute and aesthetic and can be displayed in my living space I’ll likely end up using them on a fairly regular basis.

6 // Mug that’s also a coffee press – Maybe you live alone or maybe you are a functioning human who doesn’t need 3 cups in the morning to even get out the door. Either way, this mug seems like it’s perfect for those few days where you aren’t making a giant carafe so you can face the day.


7 // Personal Cinema Lightbox – I know that this isn’t even anything useful but it’s just so gosh darn cute. I like my aesthetic and it’s pretty difficult for me to pass up something as adorable as this lightbox.

Hopefully, you found some of these things compelling enough to buy for your friends, or let’s be honest – yourself. Don’t forget that the holidays are also meant for you to spend quality time together with your loved ones so if you need me after exams, I’ll be in Oakville snuggling Jill’s cat who I will have catnapped so I can cuddle her even after we move out of our Waterloo apartment. 

xoxo, Vick

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