confirmation of life + #onrepeat november

Contrary to my radio silence on this blog since the beginning of the month I’m still here! November has been a crazy busy month – it’s been a lot of head down work on group projects and last week was my Model G20 Conference. There’s only 2-ish weeks left in this term and I still have 3 papers and a presentation left – how?!? Also I’ve yet to find a co-op job for next term and I can’t say that the looming uncertainty is helping keep my nerves at bay at all.

But I’m having interviews and there are other exciting things happening in my life so I’m not just moping on my couch all the time. If you do want to mope on your couch, or go for a nice fall walk (not to spring awkward weather talk on y’all but it’s beautiful today!) I’ve put together another #onrepeat playlist that critics have described as ‘eclectic’ and ‘only half-heartedly sorted’. It’s much longer than my playlists usually are because I’ve been building it up for a few weeks now but I hope you enjoy it!

1/ empty – ray lamontagne
2/ pressure – milk & bone
3/ heirloom – basenji
4/ coconut water – milk & bone
5/ ilsyb – lany
6/ this is the last time – the national
7/ get behind this – flor
8/ such great heights – the postal service
9/ weak – wet
10/ yea, babe, no way – lany
11/ fields of gold – sting
12/ unsteady – x ambassadors
13/ without you – oh wonder
14/ gibraltar – beirut
15/ like you lots – lany
16/ heart – flor
17/ let it go – james bay
18/ can’t leave the night – badbadnotgood
19/petals – basenji
20/ ghosts – banners
21/ landslide – oh wonder
22/ time moves slow – badbadnotgood
23/ mother & father – broods
24/ hold me down – mansionair
25/ can’t get enough – basenji
26/ high – young rising sons
27/ fireproof – coleman hell

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