#onrepeat 10/3/16

I generally like matching my music to the weather but it’s been so up and down in the last couple weeks that my playlists feel even more scattered than they normally do. I also switched from my Spotify Premium account to a Google Play Music account (just another way for Google to own my life) so it’s been a fun experience learning how the two services differ.

1/ no no no – beirut (for those early morning feels when i know i have to get out of bed for my 8:30 lectures but i also would really rather not)
2/ pools – glass animals (for when it’s straight up thunderstorming outside but i’m curled up on the couch with a blanket and hot tea)
3/ 715 –  CRΣΣKS – bon iver (for the gloomy and overcast days waterloo seems to love so much. i’m always down for bon iver and this new album has me feeling in some way. it also reminded me a lot of imogen heap’s stuff which brings me to…)
4/ speeding cars – imogen heap (for the rainy days we were having all of this last week. came pretty close to throwing some hilary duff on here as well.)
5/ cleopatra – the lumineers (overcast days again maybe. if you want to feel both nostalgic and terrified of wasting your potential in life, this is a great song to play over and over)
6/ man on fire – edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes (for when the rain is slowing down and you can consider leaving your nice dry shelter again)
7/ flaws – bastille (for sunshine and optimism. being on campus during fall term reminds me of my first year at university and bastille was ever present in our suite.)
8/ luck – american authors (definitely for sunny days – this is an excellent feel-good song)

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