pretty handy sites

The Internet has some pretty cool tools to help you do an assortment of tasks (sometimes weirdly specific). Here is a collection of sites that I* use at least semi-regularly, hopefully you’ll find something useful that you can use in the future!

*Save for one that’s courtesy of Jill

smallpdf / ilovepdf – for when you need to do things to your PDFs


Smallpdf is the one that I found first and use most (admittedly because of how nice it looks) but there’s a limit of two documents per hour in the free version. They do have a paid version if you need to use the tool more often than that. I normally don’t need to use it more than that except when I was putting my applications together for Jobmine this last week. In which case I turned to ILovePDF which is still perfectly functional (just a little less pretty).

rasterbator – for when you want to make a poster out of anything


Okay let’s take a moment to chuckle at the name – and now moving past that. If you ever need to print an image across multiple pages this is a great tool! You can print things into poster format in Adobe Reader but I haven’t found a way to save it as a PDF. This tool does just that!

printmygcal – for when you want to print your Google Calendar


It’s a very basic tool, you just import the calendars you want, and there are a few font options available so you can customize it a bit! (This one comes recommended from Jill.)

canva – for when you want to create cool graphics


I used this tool to create graphics for social media and also to redo my resume! There are some really nice templates in the tool that serve as a good base if you want to take your own direction with it.

bitlyfor when you need to shrink your links


I used to use it to save Tweet real estate but Twitter has that covered soon!

wetransfer – for when you need to transfer really big files


I found out about this tool during my last co-op when our agency needed to transfer some large creative files. It’s good to keep in mind for when your email refuses to send a file because it’s too big.

unsplash – for when you need some fantastic and free photos


They’re all licensed under Creative Commons Zero so you can do whatever you want with the pictures without needing to ask permission or crediting the artist or the site!

trello – for when you need to organize some projects


Granted, my example screenshot is for when Jill and I were researching places to live, but what a good way to show the multiple uses of Trello! My other groups use it to manage projects and events and it’s a pretty cool site! Also, there’s a Gantt chart add-on!

I’m always on the hunt for more cool sites, so please let me know if there are some that I’ve missed!

– Vicky




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