black holes of productivity

Alternative title: Vicky Spends Too Much Time on the Internet. Also, settle a discussion between me and Jill please: should this have been black holes of productivity or black holes of anti-productivity?

Do you have giant slots of time that you want to fill up with general Internet nonsense? Do you call those slots of time ‘course lectures’? In the case that you find yourself with time to spare, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite subreddits. If I can’t be productive I’m just going to drag the rest of you down with me.

Reddit ( – I love this site and I hate this site. There are some really awful people and communities here but also the nicest internet experiences and connections. Your experience on Reddit is honestly just what you make of it yourself. I’ll link you to the top posts of all time for each of the subreddits so you can see the best they have to offer!


  • /r/me_irl – basically what the name suggests and their own tagline is “selfies of the soul” so that’s what you’re heading into
  • /r/tumblr – not the weird part of Tumblr but the funny one that is more reminiscent of /r/me_irl
  • /r/tinder – I don’t have Tinder but I like seeing people’s attempts at flirting. By the way, dating as an adult seems weird and terrifying.
  • /r/cringe – boy oh boy, the videos in this sub will make your entire soul cringe and probably want you to burn your laptop – I hate myself every time I go onto this sub but I also can’t stop and won’t stop
  • /r/crappydesign – I love design and I love when people make shitty things for me to judge
  • /r/standupshots – for when you want to hear stand up routines but you want them in short and digestible posts
  • /r/babyelephantgifs – I love love love elephants, especially baby elephants, especially gifs of baby elephants being adorable


  • /r/relationships – sometimes you forget that everyone on this planet is also experiencing their own existences until you go onto this subreddit and are faced with the craziness that goes on in other people’s lives
  • /r/shortscarystories – for when you want a scary story but you don’t have that much time to indulge
  • /r/writingprompts – this is a cool community where writers can get together and write about whatever prompt they want – filled with very interesting reads; excellent if you’re an aspiring writer who likes the writing exercises and also if you are just an avid reader


  • /r/femalefashionadvice – I think it goes without saying that I’m pretty obsessed about fashion/trends
  • /r/malefashionadvice – but as much as people say women are into fashion, the gents are so much more obsessive than I could ever have imagined
  • /r/uwaterloothis is kind of a mess of a community and I think it’s too overrun with stupid memes and the useful posts and interested discussion is always buried but it’s the community for my university so I’m still interested
  • /r/android – I used to have a Windows phone (way back when) and converting to Android was probably the best decision ever – I love this sub for keeping me up to date on Android related news but also the related sub of
    • /r/androidthemes is a personal favourite because I also am constantly changing up how my phone looks

And that’s a pretty good summary of how I spend my non-study hours on my computer. And also how I spend my study hours on my computer. I’m almost scared to ask if you have any other cool sites that I should know about because clearly I’m doing a great job of distracting myself on my own but let’s hear them!

– Vicky

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