#onrepeat 9/13/16

Someone tell me how we’re almost already halfway through September because I’m pretty sure it literally just started. I feel like this year has gone by so much faster than the last or maybe that’s just how people perceive time. Or maybe I’m sleep-deprived from all the overnight shifts I had for Arts Orientation last week. For a girl who has never actually gone camping (Wayhome barely counted, let’s be real), sleeping outside in a humid tent and next to ants has been no picnic. HA. It wasn’t that bad (except during that one night with the storm) but I wanted to make that joke.

1/ work this body – walk the moon (this is the song for our arts orientation dance so unsurprisingly it’s been stuck in my head since the dance was revealed to us)
2/ could have been me – the struts (carpe diem)
3/ the nights – avicii (night shifts mean you need hype music to stay awake especially when you’re doing arts and crafts for literally 8 hours straight)
4/ you are the best thing – ray lamontagne (we finally (almost) finished decorating our apartment and it gets some really nice light during the day so this is great to have on in the background for that kind of vibe) (also expect an apartment tour post up sometime in the nearish future)
5/ jolene – dolly parton (jolene sounds like she’s literally every guy’s dream girl or maybe dolly has some serious self-esteem issues but this song is still catchy af)
6/ the motto – drake (is it bad that this is just on this playlist because i have the line ’25 sitting on 25 mil’ stuck in my head?)
7/ closer – the chainsmokers + halsey (i basically consider this the unofficial song of orientation because of how many times we put it on but still didn’t get sick of it somehow)


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