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How much do you love natural light and coffee shops that make you feel like you’re in the living room of your dreams? I’m going to go ahead and assume that you answered like any other human because who wouldn’t love that? You need to get your butt to Smile Tiger.

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I know, I’m venturing out into Kitchener again but can I help it if that’s where all the cute cafes are? Obviously not my fault. I’ve been meaning to go to Smile Tiger for so long but I kept putting it off especially during exam season (which is over thank goodness) because Kitchener is kind of a trek. But holy moly is this trek ever worth it.

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There’s a bank of seating right by the front window.

The decor in here is all exposed brick, plants, white walls, and black industrial detailing on the windows and pipes. If I could move in here forever I would – but I don’t think this rent is in my budget. It would be the most amazing studio apartment though.

It’s also right next to the GO/Via station so that’s pretty convenient if you need to hop on a train to Toronto or elsewhere. During the week they’re open at 6:30AM so you should be able to get your caffeine fix in before you start your day.

At the time of this post their WiFi password is wireless. It should also be right at the cash register so you can’t really miss it.

The only downside of this cafe is that there’s only one table with access to outlets so if you plan on studying all day here you either have to show up right when they open to snag it, or hover around like a vulture and swoop in when the person finally vacates their seat. If you do get the coveted spot you’ll also get features like being close to the washrooms and also the water tap.

If you’re not relying on a computer or are actually a human with time to sit in a cafe and read a book for pleasure, the lack of outlets is a non-issue.

They have a small menu of alcoholic drinks if that’s what will get you through studying. They also have a patio section which is lovely while the weather cooperates. It’s also licensed which is handy if you want to take a beer or wine outside to enjoy.

They have a decent selection of baked goods and snacks and salads. I had the pecan square (8.5/10) and an iced Americano (9/10). They also don’t load up their iced drinks with too much ice, god bless.

A friend of mine who wanted to be credited as Coffee Shop Aficionado recommends:

Get their cold brew – it’s made in-house and on tap. The salads are fresh from a place in Kitchener and are very good, as are the scones.


100 Ahrens Street West (next to the train station)
Kitchener, Ontario


Mon-Thurs:  6:30am – 10pm
Friday:  6:30am – 12 midnight
Saturday:  8am – 12 midnight
Sunday:  9am – 8pm

2 thoughts on “spotlight on: smile tiger coffee

  1. I’m dying over how gorgeous this cafe is. The true tragedy is that I only live 2.5 hours away from Toronto but I haven’t prioritized a visit – and I’ve been hearing all about the amazing cafes in your city for months now! Smile Tiger might be the kick in the rear I needed to get myself up there 🙂


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