#onrepeat – 8/8/16

Even though I rebranded Music Mondays so I would feel less pressure to post on Mondays, I’m still in the habit of posting on Mondays. Let me just say Monday one more time. I don’t think it summons Beetlejuice though (or Garfield, which might be more applicable).

Frank is really toying with our emotions by not dropping his album Frank c’mon PLS. Whatever, I’ll just play channel ORANGE on repeat until you give in. But Arkells released Morning Report (right before my birthday too!) and I’ve had it on repeat for the last few days. I should’ve also released one of these posts before going to Wayhome because you’re going to see some of my faves from the festival on here.

1/ private school – arkells (#1 favourite for sure, but it does not play well on the ukulele)
2/ drake’s dad – arkells (I love when they make references to the good ol’ GTA)
3/ spaceman – the killers (as if anyone had any doubts but they play so so well live)
4/ and then some – arkells (a little more subdued)
5/ colors – halsey (also still unabashedly on my Halsey kick, this one is great for sunsets)
6/ lost – frank ocean (👌)
7/ closer – the tiny (you can thank welcome to night vale for this one)
8/ barcelona – george ezra (don’t know about you guys but in the all the hype of Budapest last year I completely overlooked this one)

Okay that’s probably enough procrastination from me. I finished my only exam but now I need to go write a take home final and eat the rest of the cake that my parents apparently expected I’d manage to eat on my own. I mean, they’re not super wrong.

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