all about: summer sixteen

It seems like every season I’m all about something new, and I wanted to share these summer sixteen trends and faves of mine with you!

I’m all about: matte topcoats

Not that I’m completely against glossy nails (because if I’m not wearing white/grey/black my nails are usually gold) but matte has such a nice quality to it. More subdued + feels pretty nifty.

I’m all about: bodysuits

These are indeed 3 different bodysuits ft. me looking awkward.

Pros: sleek lines, no shirts untucking from skirts or pants
Cons:  if they aren’t thongs there  can be lines, makes you feel a bit like an actual infant, washrooms

I’m all about: pointed toed shoes

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

My favourite pairs: Lord + Taylor, Zara, thrifted, Aldo

I tried wearing an older pair of flats that were an almond toe and it just looked so foreign to me. I hope this trend never dies, or at least sticks around for a couple of years. Square toe can rot in hell. Or something less aggressive maybe. I’m sure I’ll come around at some point.

(Note: I’ll never come around, I just wanted to make that pun.)

I’m all about: stripes + grids

This isn’t even just my clothing – even my bedsheets have a grid pattern. I think last summer my jam was polka dots.

I’m all about: white

I know – whaaaat? I typically don’t stray from my ever-expanding collection of blacks and slightly darker blacks, but this summer has been pretty brutal when it comes to heat. I also figure that white is basically the summer version of black and doesn’t involve me overheating. I’ve been going for that nice pristine look that should steer clear of ketchup, wine, coffee, really – any coloured liquid or food. It’s fine though because tequila is clear. I mean water. Gotta hydrate!

I’m all about: Birkenstock knockoffs

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

What do you even call these sandals? Sandals-with-some-orthotics-but-not-really? It all started last year when I needed to buy a pair of comfortable sandals for Orientation Week and suddenly I stopped hating on Birkenstocks and embraced them with open arms. Not enough to buy the actual brand, but y’know.

From left to right, Billabong, SoftMoc, Betula – in case you’re looking for some yourself.

Things I’m not all about: studying for my exams, but I gotta do it.


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