spotlight on: seven shores cafe

The good thing about the KW area is that there’s a surprising number of cute cafes and I’ve been trying to go to all of them. Generally, the cafes in Uptown Waterloo are all on King St. but there’s construction going on right now (surprise surprise) so a lot of buses have to divert their route to Regina. So construction is really how I discovered this very lovely cafe called Seven Shores Community Cafe! They’re all about community, ethical/local sourcing, and delicious foods.

I may or may not have gone there three days in a row this week already but I have minimal regrets about it.

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What they do well: there’s a decent number of two top tables spread out in the cafe, with two larger group tables available for use as well. A handful of plugs scattered around the space in case you need to stay for long periods of time or if your laptop battery is sub-optimal. They also have free wifi!


In terms of food, their menu is pretty healthy and affordable. I’ve had the Urban Farmer breakfast (bonus points for delicious toast and peameal, negative points for thoroughly cooking my over easy eggs), the Spring Rolls (vegan and gluten free and so good during the summer), and the Mexican Chicken Wrap (this one is my favourite so far, only amazing things to say about it). I also really love their Seven Treasures iced tea but I need to remember to order it with no ice next time. Their cookies are also huge and delicious.


The space is almost bustling so there’s a constant chatter of people if you love cafes like that. Note that it can get busy if there’s lots of people so be prepared to wait a little bit for your food. They also have lovely outdoor seating that’s shaded which is great if you just want to read and enjoy the summer.

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I’m probably going to be back again next week after I get back from Wayhome but you guys should try it and let me know what you think!


10 Regina St. N Unit 4.
Waterloo, ON. N2J 2Z8


Mon – Fri: 7am – 6pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 4pm

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