#onrepeat – 7/11/16

So as it turns out, the 4 people who actually read my Music Monday posts preferred when I wrote about why I chose the songs each week. But am I going to cater my blogging style for 4 people? Yeah probably – I’m pretty sure that’s like 40% of my subscription base. I’ve actually been pretty good about going to the gym regularly (it helps that I go with a buddy so I feel guilty when I want to stay in bed) so half of this playlist is songs I’m running (read: dying) to.

And not that I’m a secret Spotify shill or anything but I also use their Running feature and it’s pretty solid in terms of song choices and actually matching my pace. 10/10 would recommend.

1/ tokyo summer – mounties (ultimate chill summer song, I think I listened to this a lot last year – maybe too much)
2/ hold me down – halsey (I’ve jumped on this Halsey love-train a little late but she’s so so good! reportedly also fantastic live so I’m excited for her next Toronto show)
3/ summer skin – death cab for cutie (best consumed during those not-as-sticky summer nights. I have a balcony this summer so I can even sit there and brood with the perfect playlist.)
4/ on melancholy hill – gorillaz (Please see the brooding comment above.)
5/ this is what you came for – calvin harris + rihanna (I get the feeling that this song is so catchy because there are only 10 whole different lines to learn. Nonetheless I still wake up humming this goddamn song.)
6/ sex – cheat codes remix (no judgements but this is really good for treadmill running. fun story time – last week my phone fell off the treadmill during this song last week and I stopped moving because I got distracted by it so obviously I fell off the treadmill and onto my ass. the sheer embarrassment then prompted me to run my best time so I guess it was ultimately a win.)
7/ banana pancakes – jack johnson (made the mistake of playing this song right before me + pals went on a mini-hike where we all had it stuck in our heads in the middle of the forest. later that week I gave in and made pancakes, but they weren’t banana sorry.)
8/ please don’t go – joel adams (the humming at the beginning is definitely what hooked me but the rest of the song is amazingly needy if you actually pay attention to the lyrics.)

header image credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/VRmxES-rIu8

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