#onrepeat – 5/9/16

I’m baaaaaack! Let’s do this without any pomp and circumstance – which is a song that won’t be on this week’s playlist.

  • I’m sorry I disappeared for a few months there.
  • I am certainly not dead.
  • I have lot of drafted blog posts in the works so there will be more of me in the next while!!
  • I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of staying on top of my readings and notes so a lot of this week’s playlist is stuff that I’ve been listening to while writing notes. They may be lacking some words, but hey, some of y’all are in school too – maybe this can be helpful anyways.

  1. Awake – Tycho 
    • This and Elegy are my favourite tracks, especially for summer nights on the roof. Or rather, summer nights in the library trying to decipher your verbose readings assigned about globalization.
  2. Used – Stranger You Know

    • There are actually two songs by SYK on this week’s MM primarily because I recently started listening to them and I’m only a bit obsessed. Also because I couldn’t choose between the two of them. The strings in this song totally make it for me. Are they strings? I’m fairly certain I’m hearing strings.
  3. Forward Feeling – Oketo
    • The beginning of this song was kind of reminiscent of Phoenix which is probably why I took notice of it in the first place. Solid piece to listen to at 11:13PM with the sound of traffic outside your window, or at 8:42AM when you have to move yourself out of your bed to go to class.
  4. Smoke and Mirrors – Stranger You Know
    • This is actually the song that introduced me to SYK but unfortunately in my mind it’s already dethroned by Used. My favourite line is “now that I’m the joke, it’s much harder to laugh”. Wait, that’s a solid Insta caption – no one steal it until I use it myself.
  5. Ophelia – The Lumineers
    • If I had published this a few weeks ago, this playlist would’ve been all Ophelia, I swear. It was so stuck in my head and my solution was to just play it 24/7. I’m somehow still not sick of this song and I maintain it’s because it’s just an awesome song that apparently not even constant exposure can ruin it.
  6. IV. Sweatpants – Childish Gambino
    • So I know the words to this one, buuuut I’m not the type to actually rap this? Apparently it’s funny to listen to me sing-rap this, but that’s cool – Gambino is bae AF.
  7. Swooner – The Zolas
    • I got to see this band this year and that was just an awesome concert all around. A+ stage presence and the perform well live. In a shocking turn of events, this one isn’t meant for summer nights or studying – more like summer days driving down whatever passes for a country road in the GTA. So I guess…Caledon?
  8. Genghis Khan – Miike Snow
    • HAHAHAH, okay mild apologies for this one only because it’s such a ridiculous song. Well, ridiculous music video. It’s also catchy as shit because I’m constantly humming to myself that I get a little bit Genghis Khan. I’m glad that people don’t seem to have idea who he was because I deserve so many more weird looks in public, honestly.

header photo cred: https://unsplash.com/photos/QAZsV6GZo7g

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