#onrepeat – 1/18/16

  1. Ghost Story – Charming Disaster
    • Okay so I’ve talked about the podcast Welcome to Night Vale before – a happily spooky fake news broadcast about the mysterious town of Night Vale. Every episode features the weather, aka a song from an independent band. The most recent episode I’ve listened to had this song as the weather and it’s cheerily macabre. If you pay attention to the lyrics you probably think I’m nuts for loving it, but it’s just super catchy.
  2. Weekend – Priory
    • Sometimes when I want to feel like a teenager in one of those teen movies where everyone has money to blow and apparently no school to actually attend, I put on this song.
  3. NoLo – Grace Mitchell
    • Not very sure what this song is really trying to tell me other than to just live your life? You do you, friends! This is on my top pick for songs that will be dissected for Instagram captions in 2016.
  4. Tear in My Heart – Twenty One Pilots
    • It’s one of those songs that I’d love to hear live because of the intro, and then I’d leave being like ‘no, that’s really all I came for’. The entire chorus about him driving is basically me in the car during night time drives because I’m always the passenger since you know, no ability to drive over here.
  5. Not a One – The Young Wild
    • I kind of feel like this is the song that some country movie would play at the end after there’s some kind of struggle that the guy has to go through to be with her. They’re running through a field or maybe the mountains and while they finally unite there’s a majestic moose in the background. I don’t know, you listen to it and let me know.
  6. You and I – Ingrid Michaelson
    • I love this song a lot. I’m not saying that I love it so much that there maybe exists a video online of me singing this song. But I’m also not not saying it?
  7. If It Don’t Work Out – Anthony D’Amato
    • I definitely didn’t place this song after the Ingrid Michaelson because I thought the juxtaposition was funny. But you tell me this shouldn’t be the soundtrack of some spontaneous roadtrip romance. Mountains in the background, feet dangling dangerously out the window, whole package.

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