#onrepeat – 11/9/15

I’m writing this blog post from my hotel room downtown and I’m going to make sure casual references to this fact in all my tweets for this week because I’m just so excited. Hotels are fun, especially when they have the view of the water that I do. If only I liked planes half as much as Mike does because I’m facing them as they come into Billy Bishop.

I’m downtown because we have a conference running and I actually just spent the last 4 hours helping set up our booth for it. And by helping I mean filling 300 jars of candy. And I think someone planned ahead because when I say filling I actually do mean filling since I hated all the candy choices. Half of these songs were played a lot during this set up time because you can only fill so many jars without going out of your mind.

  1. Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld
    • This song is undoubtedly about the thing that you think it’s about but it’s also ridiculously catchy. I also have been listening to this on and off for weeks, but didn’t really remember that Hailee is the girl from Pitch Perfect 2. At least she’s not singing about flashlights.
  2. 2 Heads – Coleman Hell
    • This is actually my favourite song on this MM mix but I also wanted to get the super pop song out of the way first. I like pretending I can sing to this song. Does this count as mildly country? Like…rock banjo at parts? I don’t know, it must be something in the water.
  3. Hello – Adele
    • And suddenly I just slow this all down. Blair you might cry, but it’s Adele and all of the world just decided we have to like her and really the ramp up to the loud ‘hello’ part is bomb.
  4. Say It Ain’t So – Weezer
    • I feel like this song might be even a touch slower than Adele, and infinitely more of a favourite of mine. You can bet that I sing bubbling the way that he does and I do it much worse.
  5. Seasons (Waiting on You) – Future Islands
    • I think this is a song from last summer that I was obsessed with and also was convinced that I’d heard something in grade 8 that was super similar to it. Never found the other song (if it even exists outside of my mind) but this song totally has end-of-movie-everyone-is-graduating-college-and-going-their-own-way vibes.
  6. Oh K, Okay – Said the Whale
    • This is just one of those super chill nighttime driving songs that I’m all about at all hours of the day. Also I hold that the singing is chilling when you’re already in that nostalgic nighttime mood.
  7. Body of Years – Mother Mother
    • And to end things off, some Mother Mother because why not? This is my favourite MM song (oh hey, MM on MM), and I’m not entirely sure it’s suitable for children?? That’s fine none of us are really three kids stacked on top of each other wearing a trenchcoat. Right?

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