how to dress like vicky – fall/winter 2015

Not that many people would want to, but I decided that I needed to create a how-to guide for my standard outfits for the fall/winter! Helpful pre-guide steps: be Asian, be 5’2″, stay indoors often.

1. Clean your room before doing this shoot. It’s not that messy…but it is.

DSC_8672 DSC_8674 DSC_8678

2 a. Curl hair. Spend about half an hour doing this. Also look mildly concerned because you weren’t sure you had the multitasking skills to press the shutter and not burn your face at the same time.


2 b. Coo over how long your hair is getting. Question how it still grows with the amount of split ends going on. Remember that your hair does not hold curls without an insane amount of product. Watch with regret over the next 5 minutes as your hair uncurls itself.


3. Put hair into a half bun up style. Forget that Friends is playing on your Netflix for the entire duration of this post.

dress like vicky hair

4. Put on a black shirt. Maybe grey. Maybe white if you’re feeling adventurous that day. Realize after doing all the pictures and things that this was secretly step 1 because you’re already wearing a grey top. Nice.

5. Choose comfy pants. If your shirt/sweater is black, maybe don’t choose black. Is there such thing as too much black? Nah. Wear black. Also, as you edit this post, realize that everything you wear looks black in your room. Hm. Whoops.

dress like vicky pants

6. Put on a black sweater. Maybe grey. Definitely a turtleneck.

  • Interim step: contemplate going out of your comfort zone and consider buying a nice mustard coloured sweater.
  • Decide on buying a shade of grey you don’t already own instead. Mustard…as if.

dress like vicky sweater

7. Throw on your new cocoon jacket. Delight in its ability to let you layer and feel cozy.

dress like vicky coat

8. Put on shoes.

  • Are you going to the office/on a date? Wear heels. Not the black ones, wear the grey kitten heels.
  • Do you maybe want to have people think you’re not actually colourblind? Wear the burgundy boots.
  • Acknowledge that at some point you decided jeans would lead people to believe you don’t only wear shades of black.

9. Gold minimal jewelry is a must. Ignore that these were not pictures from the same day.

10. Wonder if you should put on makeup. Do you have half an hour?

  • If so attempt putting on eyeliner.
  • If not, don’t bother – you know how much you suck at making both sides even.

11. Take many pictures in good lighting.

  • Maybe rope your unwilling sibling into doing it for you. Or your boyfriend. Whoever is available.

12. Repeat as necessary.

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