#onrepeat – 10/5/15

Today’s playlist is brought to you by the weather and also the fact that my house is sitting at a casual 17 degrees so I stay bundled up in all of my fuzzy blankets. It’s rainy and grey outside so obviously I wore all black today. No one at work has said anything so I’m going to pretend that all black counts as business casual.

  1. Let’s Get Started – Dylan Gardner
    • How fitting is the name of this song for the beginning of a playlist? Don’t worry I didn’t choose it just for the name, I was listening to it this morning to motivate myself to leave the warmth of my cozy bed. Just as a warning, it does have some vague Jonas Brothers vibes at a certain point but this is a safe space right?
  2. Hit It – American Authors
    • Yeah this one is all Jill’s fault. This song is ridiculously cheerful, but don’t let that set the mood for the rest of this playlist – I just didn’t want to depress you all (and me) for all of this week with only my moody picks. She was right though – this song is very kicky and I’m pretty glad my office is carpeted or there would be a lot of noise complaints.
  3. Goodbye – Who is Fancy
    • As always there’s always a song on the list that’s been my hands down favourite for the last week or so. I don’t even know what it is about this song that makes me so obsessed with it but it’s just so good.
  4. Fever to the Form – Nick Mulvey
    • Slightly more rustic Bon Iver kicked up a notch. Listen in the middle of the Albertan forests after a rainy day overlooking the gorgeous expanse of nature while there’s a forest fire occurring?
  5. Cigarette Daydreams – Cage the Elephant
    • Ah, old classic moody day songs. I have nothing more to say about this song other than you should listen to it and stare moodily out the rainy window.
  6. Somewhere Only We Know – Keane
    • Remember a previous Music Monday where I just put a bunch of songs on that would be fitting as the soundtrack of a sad ending scene on a television show? Yeah I’m like 99% sure that the last three songs fall under that category as well.
  7. Do You Feel It? – Chaos Chaos
    • Less than a week ago I started watching Rick and Morty, and I officially have run out of all episodes this morning. For those of you who’ve seen it, this is the song at the end of the episode with Rick and Unity and holy shit was that scene too real or what? If you haven’t seen Rick and Morty, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take part in their intensely zany sci-fi adventures. Don’t watch with anyone under the age of like, 20. I’m kidding. But don’t watch with your kid siblings or anything.

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