#onrepeat – 9/21/15

So my real problem this month is trying to create a new playlist was largely due to the fact that I haven’t had time to listen to new music. Because I have been obsessed with Welcome to Night Vale – which is a fictional news podcast about the spooky town of Night Vale – and while that isn’t going to make an appearance on this Spotify playlist, I do recommend that you listen to it. That is, if you enjoy low-key creepy fake news podcasts about a town where no one speaks of the dog park – I mean, what dog park?

  1. All Day All Night – Moon Taxi
    • Let’s start with something chill – also I’m drafting this post while at Hack the North so I thought it was super fitting. I can’t listen to this song while sitting around a bonfire with all my friends on a private beach, but I’m sure I can imagine it.
  2. Marvin Gaye – Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor
    • Meghan Trainor appears out of nowhere in this song and I’ve heard mixed reviews about her presence, but I think she nails it.
  3. A Lack of Color – Death Cab for Cutie
    • Oh whoop, now the mix takes a sadder turn, my bad. Except I’m not even sorry because it’s Death Cab and this song’s perfect if you want to serenade a loved one and also make them feel like they’re loved and then they suddenly realize that they’re already dead and they’re really a ghost and you’re just super sad and missing them and playing this song alone in their old room and they’re haunting you. But y’know. In the best way possible.
  4. Sedona – Houndmouth
    • The reason why I even remembered the previous Death Cab song is because I swear that the opening of this song sounds basically the same. That’s totally fine and all but it tripped me out a little bit when I first heard it.
  5. Bad Habit – The Kooks
    • I want a whiskey sour in one hand and ironically taking cute pictures of it while sitting in a hipster bar while I listen to this song because – get it? bad (hipster) habits? But I actually do feel like this is a great song to hear in a low key bar where all you want to do is catch up with your friends and hear about all their lives.
  6. Reality – Lost Frequencies
    • Don’t know when this song came onto my radar but I love love love it. Listen to it during those nights where you stay up really late and contemplate your future and your potential and decide to change it for the better.
  7. Honey, I’m Good – Andy Grammar
    • Rule no.1 of Music Mondays is that you can’t judge me for what I put out on Music Mondays. I mean, you all forgave me for having Drake and Tim McGraw on the same playlist so I think we’re all fine here. I’m still missing Orientation Week and this was the Feds Leader Dance song and I swear there was just nothing but spinning in the dance.

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