the intuit office tour

So it’s been about a month and I realized that I haven’t showed you all my office which is pretty cute, hence this very picture heavy post.

The entrance is all airy and windows and wood panelling. You can’t see her, but Erica the receptionist is ducking down behind the computers and she’s super lovely. But wait hold on, this isn’t the first thing you see when you walk into the office, no.

This freaking huge Canadiana-pimped-out moose is and I’ve grown accustomed to him. Somewhere in the near future I will be taking glorious selfies with Reginald. I don’t know I call him Reginald – doesn’t he look like a Reginald to you?

The seating part of our lobby and I have to say, I really love that coffee table. Do you think I can take it home with me when I’m done?

Another shot of the front lobby because I really really love how spacious it is, and also hey look, cool lighting fixtures!

Also on the ground floor is our cafeteria (not pictured because it was closed and you can probably just imagine metal grids for yourself) which isn’t huge but it also means I don’t have to leave the building when I forget my lunch. Which is a lot.

This is half of a TED x Intuit sign thing but coincidentally, our TEDx event is tomorrow so that part of the signage is not in the office right now. It just kind of hangs around the main floor to remind you where you work.

Slightly more fun is our games room! I love this room and I get to practise my foosball and pool skills for 8 months so I can come back and surprise my friends with moderate adeptness at “sports”.

Another shot of the room to show the view outside. We’re in an industrial part of Mississauga, but also juxtaposed by some forest and a creek? I’ve been told that there are deer that come out during the winter which would basically be the cutest thing ever. Also it’s nice to be able to see the outdoors when you’re…stuck indoors.

Look at how sassy this sign is. They’re all over the building and I think they’re amazing.

And behind the games room is the gym – which I’ve never used except to take selfies on the giant mirror that is the wall, and massages on free massage day!

There’s a lot of sass going on in our gym.

And in case you want more exercise while working, there’s a treadmill desk on the top floor.

Tiny view of the rooftop patio that overlooks aforementioned forest, also, parking lots and also the HP building.

This is the sign by all the rooftop doors but they were locked so I couldn’t go onto the roof, or, more likely – I just couldn’t figure out how to open the door.

Cute chairs that remind me of lecture seating but much much nicer. That round table actually has circular pads of paper to scribble on.

Basically every wall in the office is a whiteboard.

The hub of the 3rd floor is super Muskoka’d out. Yes that’s a canoe on the ceiling. It’s a light fixture, I’m not even kidding.

There’s no period on this quote and I’m coming very close to just cutting a circle out of black construction paper and sticking it on the wall.

My days have a lot of meetings but most of the time they’re in this bank of meeting rooms which are beautiful and have natural lighting and most importantly – cool decals on the windows.

And finally – my cubicle!

Three monitors because yes.

Makeshift whiteboard with pages from a Wipebook.

And the most important part of this office tour:

Starbucks coffee machines. God bless.

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