(very super late) august update

I’ve been AWOL lately and I’m so sorry! I blame exams, then moving, then starting my new job. Thought I’d give you guys just a quick update of the things that have been going on in my life in the last very hectic month or so.

  • Finished all my exams (all 3 of them phew)! I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but I also had to do them all within 4 days which was brutal on my mind and also on my hand. Sometimes I miss MC exams and then I remember how awful they were too.
  • Finishing my exams also meant finishing my second year, which was exciting because I feel like reaching the midpoint of university gets me over the hump. Also because the transition from second to third year feels more impressive than the transition from first to second.
  • In between studying and crying over the longest exam ever, I turned 20. I actually turned 20 on the day of the worst exam ever but I’m over it. Beat teenage pregnancy, yada yada yada.
  • Spent my week off packing up my room and then moving back to Oakville. I’m super exciting please stay tuned for my adventures in Oakville.
  • To kick that off I finished painting my bedroom white, which to me is exciting. Mainly because when we moved into this new house my parents (for god knows what reason) let me paint my room a dark blue/grey colour. Actually I don’t even think I was the person who painted it. I’m pretty sure I Tom Sawyered it off on my parents. Anyways, I didn’t feel like it fit my aesthetic anymore, also my room was really dark and it made me sad so a change in wall colour was necessary.
  • My dad took me belated birthday clothes shopping because I wanted more business casual stuff (as if I needed more) and it turns out my office is pretty casual. Damn it. It’s fine I’ll just be the super dressed up co-op in the corner over here.
  • I started my new job two days ago, and I’m very very hyped for it. Daunting, but the office is great and the people seem really amazing so this is shaping up to be an exciting 8 months.
  • I went all the way to Burlington and got IKEA hotdogs, which I feel is super important in my life and you all need to know about it.

I will bring back my Music Mondays and hopefully some other kinds of blog posts because my house is finally getting WiFi put in :’) Which I guess is the only real update.



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