music monday | july 20th 2015

Please go into this playlist with the knowledge that I created most of this while sitting in the library watching it absolutely pour on my campus. So y’know. It might be one of those.

  1. Hold Back the River – James Bay
    • I think I’m pretty damn funny. HAH DAM. Sorry, I told you it’s positively pouring right now in Waterloo (it might not be by the time this gets posted so don’t judge me too much) and I feel like this song is pretty fitting.
  2. Medicine – Daughter
    • I’ve actually had the chance to see Daughter perform live before and they are pretty good. Elena is super precious, and I’m not just saying that because they came on after the chaos of K-os.
  3. Cherry Wine – Hozier
    • Hozier’s voice is everything beautiful in the world I swear. 10/10 would fall asleep on a clear summer’s night to this song. Maybe in a cabana by the beach? Maybe I’m in the south of France?
  4. Georgia – Vance Joy
    • Hah, okay I’m also guilty of the crime of not knowing more than Riptide and Mess is Mine, but Vance Joy is a treasure. Expand your library one song at a time and start in Georgia.
  5. Bloom – The Paper Kites
    • Folksy songs are perfect for rainy days and sunny days and every day. I’m very much a fan of the whistling, the gorgeous voices and the fingerstyle guitar! If you have time, give Featherstone a listen too.
  6. Wagon Wheel – Old Crow, Medicine Show
    • I’m sure you’ve heard this bob Dylan song being covered a lot in the last couple of years, probably the one by Darius Rucker, but I’m partial to this super folksy version by OCMS.
  7. West Coast – Coconut Records
    • I love songs about locations because they always make me feel homesick for a place that I’ve never been and I think that’s fantastic. You may not share these feels, but maybe you’ll share my love for this song.
  8. Con Te Partiro – Andrea Bocelli
    • I have had maybe half a dozen phones and music devices in my lifetime and this song had been on every single one of them. Makes me wish I was being kissed outside in the rain (gentle rain, not too cold, no electronics on my person to get water damaged).
  9. Hey Mami – Sylvan Esso
    • So because I’m using Spotify to curate my Music Monday posts, my favourite remix of this song isn’t playable but it’s okay the video for it is below! Whistling, guys, it really makes the song. Apparently the guy does the whistling in live performances too!


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