music monday | july 6th 2015

Oh whoops, after putting this one together I realize that it’s almost all throwback songs. I’d apologize but then I’d be apologizing for the rest of my life. I had a super fun (but crazy busy) Saturday celebrating one of my friend’s 20th birthday so Sunday was set aside for recovery and homework. The mood in my room was perfect for throwbacks which is why all this happened.

  1. Never Say Never – The Fray
    • What this playlist is not reflecting is the fact that I had a lot of The Fray/OneRepublic/The Script happening in my room yesterday and I’m really hoping that my roommates weren’t home.
  2. The Engine Driver – The Decemberists
    • And I’ve written pages, upon pages, trying to rid you from my bones. This is basically my favourite line from the song and it’s beautiful and amazing and you need to listen to this song.
  3. Casimir Pulaski Day – Sufjan Stevens
    • So last week Jill and I went to go see Me and Earl and the Dying Girl which was just a great movie that had both of us low key bawling in the theatre. She described it to me as “The Fault in Our Stars but a hundred times better,” and I totally back up that claim. What you don’t want to do though is watch that movie, cry, then listen to this song which was already sad enough without reminding you of the movie.
  4. Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift
    • I maintain that this is the best thing that came out of the Hunger Games trilogy.
  5. Toes – Glass Animals
    • Okay, I’m only realizing now that my music from this week might be movie-influenced because I first heard this song during the opening credits of Taken 3 (which was not a good movie, things just exploded for no good reason Jesus Christ). I’m only a little bit obsessed with this song and I play it in my head during hot yoga because it’s one of those.
  6. Big Yellow Taxi – Counting Crows
    • I should really have reorganized this list but eh, not the end of the world. I honestly thought that the lyrics were “they took all the cheese and put them in a cheese museum” for the longest time and I was just so excited for an edible museum of brie and camembert.
  7. Everything’s Magic – Angels & Airways
    • So this is how my relationship works with this song. About once every month I remember how amazing it is, then I play it non-stop for a couple of days and then I move on. Rinse and repeat for basically the rest of my life. EACH BREATH THAT YOU TAKE HAS A THUNDEROUS SOUND. Sorry, I just really love that line.
  8. Trojans – Atlas Genius
    • This one I’ve been putting on as I walk to my classes, it’s just such a nice summer chill song and I needed to break up the pattern of major throwbacks.
  9. The Less I Know the Better – Tame Impala
    • Okay so speaking of current(s) music (hah), the new Tame Impala album was leaked yesterday and I’ve been obsessed. With the album as a whole and with track 7 because it’s just everything I could’ve wanted from them. Also I think I need to clarify that Currents is the name of the album so I’m not just making shitty jokes that have no basis. This song isn’t on this playlist because y’know, leaks don’t get put onto Spotify.

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