#onrepeat 6/8/15

I’m trying out some different types of posts so bear with me for the next little while. If you’ve ever lived with me or sat in a car with me, you’ll have picked up on my music listening habits very quickly. I basically just make a playlist of less than ten songs that I want to hear at the moment and that’s all play for a couple weeks. Depending on who you are, you’ll either learn to live with this (love my suitemates from first year, they just encouraged it) or you’ll go insane with the 20th repeat of whatever song I love that week (sorry Beeston).

I’d categorize my music taste as firmly indie/alt/pop, and occasionally I’ll find myself in k-pop or trap and not know how to get out.

Here are six songs I’ve got on repeat right now:

  1. I Need My Girl – The National
    • God, this song had me hooked from the very first time I heard it. It’s so hauntingly beautiful and they’re accompanied by Justin Vernon from Bon Iver, which is one of my favourite bands.
  2. Terrified – The Rural Alberta Advantage
    • The weather was disgusting last weekend. I was at one of my favourite cafes in Waterloo – Death Valley’s Little Brother – and the rain came pouring down as I was working by a window. I just felt like this was the perfect song for the setting I was in.
  3. Know Yourself – Drake
    • Confession time – I’m not from the 6. But that’s okay because Drake makes me feel like I’m from the 6, and he’ll probably make you feel that way too.
  4. Octahate – Ryn Weaver
    • This playlist seems pretty dreary so far, but don’t worry, this song picks the mood right back up! I don’t know why I love this song so much, but I listen to it when I’m getting ready in the mornings and on my way to the bus stop.
  5. I Really Like You – Carly Rae Jepsen
    • Aaaaaand sometimes my music gets really into the Top 40 side of pop. I can’t help it! It’s fun, it’s catchy, it was on Castle with a cute little dance routine with Nathan and Stana so let’s blame them. (I sing it to my stuffed elephants while dancing in my underwear alone in my room. I bet you do too.)
  6. Live Like You Were Dying – Tim McGraw
    • There will never not be a throwback song in my playlists. If there isn’t, something is really wrong and you should probably call me right away. Okay, maybe not that drastic of a situation, but I love throwbacks and this one is is just such a classic! There’s a reason Taylor Swift wrote a song about this guy.

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