new beginnings

How many New Years resolutions have you actually kept? If you’re anything like me, that number is drastically low. If not, then please, teach me your ways.

I’ve started many iterations of this blog over the years and none of them have stuck. Mostly due to me not putting in the effort – or okay, let’s be honest here Vicky, they’ve all failed due to my lack of motivation. But I like new beginnings and fresh starts. I like cracking open a brand new notebook each school term and smelling the pages. It’s not that weird, I swear.

I think one of the things that stymies me is the concept of starting on a specific day. Creating resolutions on January 1st, starting that diet on the first of the month. I think it gives me too much opportunity to miss that oh-so-important first day and then say to myself ‘okay, we’ll just start next month’. You’ll notice it’s already June 3rd. I went through this exact thought process when I decided to restart this blog. ‘Oh, I’ll start it right when I get back to school. Oh no, it’s already a week into May, shucks.’

My goal is to stop putting things off like this and to just jump into things. I hope you like what I have planned for this blog, and I’ll see you on the first of next month!

I’m kidding. I’ll see you tomorrow!


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