june update

I think I might do one of these each month in case anything really interesting happens in my life. Since this is my first one, I guess we’ll play catch up with the most important events that have happened in the last while:

  • I celebrated 4 years together with my boyfriend! We’re cute, you’re going to think we’re gross.
  • I finished my first co-op term at an Ontario Ministry! It was a lot of fun, I really loved my team and I loved being in the city. If you want to creep through my Instagram, you’ll see a lot of pictures of food because that’s really all I do.
  • I’m back on campus this term and, boy, do I have high expectations for myself:
    • 6 courses
    • finding my next co-op position
    • undergraduate research assistant position with one of my favourite profs
  • I cooked my first casserole. According to my friend Jill, this act does not get me 50 adult points like I thought it would, but she’s not the adult points commissioner, so I get 50 adult points.
  • Completed my first interview of the term today! Side note, if your interviewer is under 30, don’t ask them if they know what Reddit is. They will, and they will not be amused that you asked.

I actually think that’s all that’s happened in my life. It’s not that exciting – oh wait no! I got new pillowcases!

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